Differences between Image and PictureBox

Image control

  • a "lightweight" control that has no device context (or hDC) or it's own.
  • can display a gif file loaded into the picture property with a transparent background.
  • flicker when moved at runtime.
  • can only be z-ordered (layered) over another lighweight control.
  • has Stretch property. Otherwise, ImageControl can stretch the image.
  • No AutoSize Property.
  • is not a container control.
  • no OLE drag/drop.
  • PaintPicture doesnt' work. and no drawing or printing ability (printing to the image contained therein)

Image control

  • Has Hwnd and Hdc.
  • no transparent background.
  • doesn't flicker when moved at runtime.
  • No layered.
  • No Stretch Property
  • Has Autosize Property
  • is a container control.
  • OLEDrag/Drop
  • Work with PaintPicture.

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