HOW TO: Create a repository (CVSNT) 11

HOW TO: Create a repository (CVSNT)
* We assumed that you already installed Python and CVSNT in your machine. Steps: Start –> Programs -> CVSNT -> CVSNT Control Panel You will see the control panel of CVSNT as following. Stop both CVSNT Service and CVSNT Lock Service. Click “Repository Configuration” tab. Click “Add” button. The Server Setting Dialog will be shown ...

Installation – ViewVC ( ViewCVS )

Installation - ViewVC ( ViewCVS )
Current Version : 1.0-2005-05-18B Run ViewCvs4CVSNT-1.0-2005-05-18B.exe Click Next button. (Welcome to the ViewCVS4CVSNT) Select Accept option and Click Next button. (License Agreement.) Click Next button. (Information related to Security on WinXp) Click Next button. (Select Destination Location) Click Next button. (Select Components) All options should be checked. (By default) Click Next button. (Select Start Menu ...

Installation – Pywin 32-207 3

Installation - Pywin 32-207
- Run pywin32-207.win32-py2.4.exe - Click Next button. (Welcome to the Pywin 32-207) * Setup will tell you whether python could be found or not. - Click Next button. (Python is required.) - Click Next button. (Ready to Install) * it will take a few minutes for installation depend on your machine. - Click Install button. ...

Installation – Active Perl (5.8.7.xxxx)

Installation - Active Perl (5.8.7.xxxx)

Installation – Python ( 2.4.2 ) 2

Installation - Python ( 2.4.2 )
Run Python-2.4.2.msi Select Install for all users (Select Destination Directory) Don’t change the destination. (Recommended.) Click Next button. Click Next button. (Customize Python 2.4.2) Click Next button. (Customize Python 2.4.2) It will start installation. (Install Python 2.4.2) Click Finish button. (Completing the Python 2.4.2 Installer)

Installation – CVSNT on Windows XP 6

Installation - CVSNT on Windows XP
CVSNT ( Version – - Run cvsnt- - Click Next button (Welcome to the CVSNT) - Select “Accept” radio button (EULA) - Click Next button - Click Typical Setup Type (Choose Setup Type) - Click Install button (Ready to Install) * Wait a few moments during installation - Click Finish button (Completing the CVSNT ...