CVS ( Concurrent Versions System )

Introduction of CVS

CVS stands for Concurrent Versions System. It is developed by … for .. Project and It started with small scripts and now, it become very large project and such a good and quite popular tool as version control system over the world. It’s seem like Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. (maybe only for me.) It can perform all very important operations, such as check-in, check-out, commit, get latest version and so on, for Project Management and can maintain all records for each and every operations that is performed. It enable us to manage our individual or team projects through the internet globally.

Advantages of using CVS

  • Perform all operations such as check-in, check-out and so on
  • Keep the history of each and every operations
  • One or more people can work on the same project
  • Can work over internet
  • Platform Independent
  • Totally FREE ( under Open Source License(s) )
  • Can install only the needed portions of this tool

Disadvantages of using CVS

  • Lack of documentations and Supports
  • Difficult to use or understand the CVS (esp: for Windows User)
  • Lack of user friendly message and error message
  • There are many tools available for CVS so that it’s difficult to choose the better tools for our environment

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