HOW TO: Create a repository (CVSNT)

* We assumed that you already installed Python and CVSNT in your machine.


  • Start –> Programs -> CVSNT -> CVSNT Control Panel
  • You will see the control panel of CVSNT as following.

  • Stop both CVSNT Service and CVSNT Lock Service.
  • Click “Repository Configuration” tab.

  • Click “Add” button. The Server Setting Dialog will be shown as following.

  • Type the Path of CVSRoot (“D:\CVSRoot”), Name and Description.. Checked the “Default Repository”
  • Click “OK”

  • Click “Yes”
  • Click “Apply” of CVSNT Control Panel
  • Go to Server Setting Tab, Specify the temp folder. (Whatever u like.but should not be “%WINDIR%\TEMP”)

  • Click “Apply” and “OK”
  • Restart the CVSNT Service and Lock Service.

Notes : Sometimes, Service can’t be started.. then Restart the machine and wait around 5 minutes.. After that, Try to restart again..

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  1. I wonder if you could help me to find a solution on how to synchronize two CVSNT server. For example, we have one development team in India and one in Malaysia. Is it possible to synchronize both server in free way? I found that WANdisco and March Hare Software can implement this but it is not free. Your respond is very much appreciated.

  2. you can use any Free File Syncronziation Software ( eg: rsync) to sync the CVS data between two CVSNT Server.

    Because your CVS data will be in the location that you set in CVSNT.

    So, just sync those data by using normal file syncronization software… so, it’s depend on CVS software.. you may use any free sync software for that…

  3. Thanks CVSNT Newbie for asking the exactly same question I have.

    Furthermore, I will like to know how can we integrate CVS with bug tracking system. I find bugzilla documentation inside their manual, but I rather think it is not a good solution. Again team server is a dream for the time being. ;P Any suggestion?


  4. Hi Okisan,

    The time that I used CVS was 2005. I don’t use it anymore now.. The reason that I used was that one team from ComponentOne(US) were using CVS so the testing team needed to use it for getting the latest build of their compoents.. I did research on CVS and helped the testing team to use CVS. that’s all.. Since the testing team had their own bug trackers, we didn’t integrate with CVS. So, I don’t have that much idea about that.

    I’m currently using SVN and but we also don’t integrate SVN with bug trackers this time too. :)

  5. Hey Okisan,

    Micheal Sync If we are not answering well, please ask there.

    haha :) okay.. I will try to answer as much as I can.. :)

    btw, Are you familiar with WPF? I started learning about that in my new company started from this month.. It’s so similar to Silverlight but we can consider that WFT is mature a bit now.. Unlike Silverlight, WPF doesn’t get me excited so far. lolz.. :) LINQ is also pretty cool..

    I’m not so sure that you are using Microsoft technologies or not.. cuz I’ve been visiting to mm technical communities these days and noticed that a lot of mmgeeks are focusing on non-MS technologies and non-MS platform.. Yes, non-MS platform is interesting thing too..

  6. Hi Micheal,

    Yes I use WPF for my molecular biology software, which I am doing for over four years in free time. But UI is started one year ago using WPF 3.5, C#3.0.

    WPF is OK, but not mature like WinForm. There are many missing thing like MDI (yeah i paid sanddock for that), DataGrid (Xceed), many common dialog box, property value editor, etc. Integration is not bad though. Thirt party tools might be lucking, but to me is fine. Help integration is also not that great.

    I like WPF graphic rendering, so that is more important to me. Fortunately I am able to compile many C++ using CLI, so quite good. I am strict at LINQ usage. So all must do with LINQ whenever possible. What I believe is compiler will take adventage of LINQ in future, like parallel execution.

    Yeah, mmgeeks are pro non-MS.

  7. dear mic,
    i am very fresher to this CVS.. please tell me where to start this,,

    can i do this cvs for my ORacle database., if it then tell me where i have to keep the root file,,and how to add repository ? please help me

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