Installation – ViewVC ( ViewCVS )

Current Version : 1.0-2005-05-18B

  • Run ViewCvs4CVSNT-1.0-2005-05-18B.exe
  • Click Next button. (Welcome to the ViewCVS4CVSNT)

  • Select Accept option and Click Next button. (License Agreement.)

  • Click Next button. (Information related to Security on WinXp)

  • Click Next button. (Select Destination Location)

  • Click Next button. (Select Components)
  • All options should be checked. (By default)

  • Click Next button. (Select Start Menu Folder)

  • Click Install button. (Ready to Install) *Wait a few moments during installation *You might see running cacls.exe
  • Check the image file “8 – Cmd – Cacls.JPG”
  • And also see running Phython.exe
  • Check the image file “8 – Cmd – Phython.JPG ”
  • * If you already install ViewCVS, it will ask you whether overwrite or not.
  • Press “o” to overwrite the existing version.

  • Click Next button. ( Information )

  • Select Yes, restart the machine now.
  • Click Finish button.
  • Restart the machine.
  • Open ViewCVS link from Start Menu.
  • You will the list of repositories on Web Browser.
  • Check the image file “webpage.JPG”

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