ASP.NET Interview Questions

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    JAVA & J2EE Interview Questions and Answers

    Question: How to define an Interface?
    Answer: In Java Interface defines the methods but does not implement them. Interface can include…

    Question: Explain garbage collection?
    Answer: Garbage collection is one of the most important feature of Java. Garbage collection is also called automatic memory management as JVM automatically removes the unused variables/objects (value is null) from the memory. User program ….

    Question: Explain the Encapsulation principle.
    Answer: Encapsulation is a process of binding or wrapping the data and the codes that operates on the data into a single entity. This keeps….

    What is the use of bin and lib in JDK?- Bin contains all tools such as javac, appletviewer, awt tool, etc., whereas lib contains API and all packages.

    What is casting?- Casting is used to convert the value of one type to another.

    What is final, finalize() and finally?- final : final keyword can be used for class, method and variables. A final class cannot be subclassed and it prevents other programmers from subclassing a secure class to invoke insecure methods. A final method can’t be overridden. A final variable can’t change from its initialized value. finalize() : finalize() method is used just before an object is destroyed and can be called just prior to garbage collection. finally : finally, a key word used in exception handling, creates a block of code that will be executed after a try/catch block has completed and before the code following the try/catch block. The finally block will execute whether or not an exception is thrown. For example, if a method opens a file upon exit, then you will not want the code that closes the file to be bypassed by the exception-handling mechanism. This finally keyword is designed to address this contingency.

    What is UNICODE?- Unicode is used for internal representation of characters and strings and it uses 16 bits to represent each other.

    What is Garbage Collection and how to call it explicitly?- When an object i …..

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