Smoking is good for you!

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Original : Smoking Is Good For You : By Altf

WAY too much has been said about the ‘ill-effects’ of smoking, what it could ‘do’ to you and other crap. The effects of smoking have been greatly exaggerated, and it’s us smokers who have to face the public sentiment on this.

Anyways, what is the big deal if I smoke? People will often come up to me and tell me, “Smoking can kill you, you know?” I promptly reply with some smartass remark like “Really? THANK you for telling me!” Yeah, Sherlocks. I’m too stupid and illiterate to read the warning on the pack, let alone understand it. I have this feeling that not smoking actually makes people so stupid, they don’t realize that smokers already know what they’re doing to their bodies. Hey, I know my lungs have taken on a distinct coloration of black, with pink patches here and there. I know that I’ll be hacking up blood in my cough, a couple years from now. Who gives a damn?

I have a hectic and inundated (translation: fucked up) life, and I’d like to take a break from it all to enjoy the relief that the cigarette can bring to me. The last thing I need is for yet another self-appointed Samaritan coming near me to tell me what I’m doing to my body, or why they object to me puffing around. It’s not like I’m going up to them and telling them, “Excuse me, sir, could you please go elsewhere, you’re in my smoking space.” I’d really love to do that though, I don’t think that they’re even worthy of breathing my 2nd hand smoke.

How many of you readers smoke? How many of you are ferverent anti-smoking lobbyists? What IS your problem with smokers? Till date, I haven’t seen a good answer for that last question.

I’ve made a list of 20 points I’d like to make for the case of smoking. If anyone can, what is the case against smoking/second-hand smoking?

Here’s my spit:

  1. Increases concentration.
  2. People often go with the general sentiment on things like these, most of what you hear is hogwash. Cases of cancer are linked with smoking, but it’s not proof. Only 1 in 3 of us will get lung cancer. (By “us” I also include non smokers).
  3. Smokers are a persecuted lot, since this habit has been banned from workplaces, restaurants, buses, subways and planes. You don’t think they’d outlaw breathing for christ’s sake.
  4. Smokers have the only real community that’s left in the workplace today.
  5. Smokers suffer from less stress, since they actually take a few breaks per day.
  6. That bruhaha about second hand smoking is a load of crap. it’s just a phrase made up to get normal people who earlier didn’t care about it, to go and further persecute the smokers.
  7. It’s cool to smoke. Ever seen a hacker or a real artist with a health shake?
  8. Smokers support the economy by paying all those taxes, which *AHEM* some of us don’t.
  9. Warning:
    The Surgeon General fails to warn you that non-smokers die every day
  10. Studies have shown that prolonged contact (as in several years) with second hand smoking can cause mild lung problems. Second hand smoke has no immediate harmful effects.
  11. Actually, why not just ban non-smokers? :D
  12. Too much is made of the 4000 chemicals that make up a cigarette. Several carcinogens found in cigarettes are found in peppers, carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, onions and grapefruit.
  13. Believe it or not, nicotine is actually “a surprisingly potent drug for a variety of diseases that afflict the brain, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Tourette’s syndrome.” (An image makeover for nicotine: It shows promise against brain diseases, – Feb. 21, 2000) Smokers have a 60% lower risk of Parkinson’s disease.
  14. Nicotine has a positive effect on ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammation of the stomach lining, and this disorder affects nonsmokers more than smokers.
  15. Smokers actually recovered better from a heart attack than nonsmokers
  16. Smoking was found to reduce the risk of estrogen-dependent endometrial cancer (dunno what that means, it just sounds really cool)
  17. Schizophrenics (4 million Americans) who smoke can get enough nicotine stimulation to switch on a brain receptor that helps filter information.
  18. Stanford researchers have discovered that low doses of nicotine – a major component of cigarette smoke – appear to promote new blood vessel growth (in mice). (“Nicotine to be used to treat heart disease,” Reuters Health, – Sept. 2000)
  19. Alcohol is even more harmful than smoking. Yet not much is said against it as compared to smoking. Half a bottle of wine can supply you with 32-40 times the amount of lead a whole pack of smokes can give you.
  20. “Sick smokers may burden a country’s health care system but dead smokers save governments money”

A single drive to work puts out more deadly fumes and toxins in the air, than a smoker could possibly do in one year. If you drive a car, your car puts out more deadly poisons and toxins in one drive to work than my smoking does in a year. When you go home again, that’s another year. So in a couple months, you’ve created more deadly toxins in the environment than my smoking will in a lifetime. But it’s always easier to point fingers at other people, isn’t it?

If you’re really concerned about your health then put your money where your mouth is. Stop buying products that are painted (all kinds of toxins put into the environment) or made of plastic (here’s some stuff that’s good for your health, right?) and stop driving a car. You can survive that way – a lot of people do it. But I’ll bet you don’t want to give up the conveniences these things offer.

I’m really tired of hearing people complain about the health risks that smokers present to them when they aren’t willing to make changes to their own lifestyle that WOULD AFFECT THEM MORE than having any number of smokers quit.

I’m a smoker and to be honest, I really hate seeing butts all over the ground. But I’m also tired of seeing McDonalds wrappers all over the place. When a non-smoker sees a butt on the ground, they always say something like, “ALL smokers should have to clean these up.” or something along the lines of punishment for ALL smokers. But they never say “every person who eats at McDonalds should have to clean these up.”

When was the last time you heard this one:
“He went to the bar after work, had one smoke too many and went home and beat the crap out of his wife and kids?”
“That auto accident was caused by someone who smoked one too many? (we’re talking about tobacco here).”

Special thanks to Cafeenman for unknowingly allowing me to quote him on the last passage. But it doesn’t really matter, since if I had asked him, I’m pretty sure he would have agreed anyways…


There are another articles also.. but it’s not about the adv of smoking.Aniway, its good to read.. So, Chkitout.

According to this article, I got one more fact about why Smoking is good for you.

UPDATE: My comment is removed.

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  1. According to this article, I got one more fact about why Smoking is good for you.

    “Smoking can make your gf to miss you whenever she get that kinda smell.” or “If you are away from her, she will miss your smoking smell.” ;)

    ur’s another gf told like that????????????

  2. I don’t think so.I’ll just write down some sentences that I’ve read in one of the article.This is not also what I’ve said :D
    It’s from article :-)
    I’ll only write down some lines from the article.

    “..Only a small component of cigarette smoke, which contains more than 4,700 chemical compounds, including 43 cancer-causing substances…In addition to being responsible for more than 85 per cent of lung cancers, smoking is associated to cause about 14 per cent of leukemia and cervical cancers.In 1990, smoking caused more than 84,000 deaths, mainly resulting from such problems as pneumonia, bronchitis and influenza……….As an illusion of the helath risks, in the case of a married couple where one partner is a smoker and one a non-smoker, the latter is believed to have a 30 per cent higher risk of detah from herart disease because of passive smoking….”

    So I didn’t see anyting good from smoking :)
    And also if one person really loves his/her life partner, he/she should drop the smoking habbit.
    That’s my opinion.
    I’m not againsting ur post, just telling my opinion.

  3. well yeh ur totally right im a smoker and 16…and the fucking government go mental over smokers when without us there wouldnt be much tax money the little fuckers and there gonna raise the age to 18 fuckin geeks lol :D take care x gonna light up now

  4. I see how you think smoking is good for you but do you think that smoking is good for the environment?!?

  5. >>do you think that smoking is good for the environment?!?

    As jane said, gov got tax and ppl can make money by selling it or producing it. :) good for a lot of ppl..

    but if you are talking about Air, tree or etc, I don’t have that much idea about that. but ppl who sell/produce cigarette can maintain those trees and etc by hiring someone who know about tree.. :)

    u know, men do at least one bad things. Some people enjoy drinking or smoking or being with girls or etc.. Smoking is much better than other things.. no vomitting, no fighting, no HIV or etc.. :) what ya say?

  6. Just to let you know, the guy who wrote the original article is an idiot.

    Who loves Macs.

  7. I hope the people who are worried about the environment aren’t drivers, or drink out of fome cups.I’m a light smoker of 25 years and just had a heart scan for chest pains. Smoking wasn’t the problem my body is fine and my heart is as healthy as a 25 year olds. Stress was the problem and at the time I was trying to Quit!!! Do you think the process of making a flouressant lamp is without impact on the environment. I bet not, or else why would they tell you not to come in contact with the white powder inside. How do you think recycling copper wire is for the environment. Removing the plastic from the wire probably does more polluting than digging up the ore and smelting it. These are just some thoughts.

  8. the guy who wrote the original article is an idiot.

    Nah. I think he is genius. :)

    Who loves Macs.

    dont know..

    do you think it’s hurting the air and\or world though?!?!?!

    nope.. :)

    Smoking wasn’t the problem my body is fine and my heart is as healthy as a 25 year olds

    yes. you are right. I don’t have any problem either. just feel so cool while smoking. hehe

    Stress was the problem

    How come Stress is the problem for you?

    You mean, you can get tried so easily? Yes. it’s true. but it goes the same for those who are non-smokers who don’t do any sport..

  9. This article is stupid.

    It’s banned because it harms people that don’t smoke too, no one cares if you harm yourself. Just don’t do it in public, and acting like you have the right to do it in public is plain stupid.

    Murder’s illegal, bitches~ :D

  10. I am all for smoking. I have no clue why the media is going all ape shit over smoking. Drinking is way worse for you and you don’t see them getting all bent about that. The native americans did it. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the tobacco plants: the number one crop for the settlers.

  11. first there is no proof that second hand smoke harms anyone. second the studies they did that show smoking is harmful were done over three days…they gave rats the equivalent of 10,000 ciggs over three days and when the rats died they said “smoking kills you!” that’s not a scientific study in any stretch of the imagination….in cities where there have been smoking bans, there has been no change in health statistics, meaning the smoking bans didn’t make the residents any healthier…only one city reported a change and that was lower cholesterol…sounds more like they ate more oatmeal as well as had a a smoking ban…in northern states the temperature will be around 20 degrees to -10 degrees, so if all smokers freeze to death when you make them smoke outside, i guess that would make cancer related deaths go down. oh, and they dont tell you that quitting smoking also causes terrible nightmares…more proof that you shouldnt quit. hahaha.

  12. i totally agree with you. and the non-smokers are the people that are making us smoke. i mean we would not be smoking as much if people were not hounding us for it all the time.

  13. Yall can think what you want but smoking is really bad for u and its the truth. theres no proof thats second hand smoke is bad for u? well think again theres your proof. enjoy your smokes while u can cuz there gonna be banned in the future and there gonna be just hard as gettin shit like pcp, cocaine, etc.

  14. fyi theres gonna be less smokers in the future cuz fof the schools there really crackin down on all these drugs.

  15. Ok , Its been a year sense I had a smoke. I can now smell cigarette smoke from great distances like my neighbor smoking on his deck or someone smoking in the car ahead.I still dont’t think anyone has the right to tell smokers outside they cant smoke or in bars but I’d like to say the cravings are gone I can smell anything now, My cloths don’t stink and I feel better.(no more morning cough).I wont preach ,I just wish everyone could enjoy not smoking.

  16. I’ll counter all of this guy’s 20 points, because really, its a ton of bullshit.

    1. Nicotine has been proven to increase your concentration, but there are so many other chemicals in it that counteract that effect.

    2. Yeah, smoking isn’t related to lung cancer, not at all. You can keep telling yourself that in your own little world. But aside from that, the statistic was completely irrelevant. If he had actually said the percentage of the people who die from lung cancer who are smokers vs the percentage of the people who die from lung cancer who aren’t smokers, that would have been relevant, but wait, that wouldn’t have favored his argument.

    3.I don’t think that was a point, really more of you raging because people realized that dieing isn’t good.

    4. Only real community? Do you have all your gravestones in the same place or something?

    5. And people who don’t smoke don’t take breaks? Unless by break, you mean smoking (Damn smoker lingo)

    6. Smack science and logic in the face, good job. And you say smokers suffer from less stress? You sound pretty damn paranoid to me.

    7. Yes, its cool to have black lungs, yellow teeth and have your breath smell of death.

    8. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of people on welfare who are smoking.

    9. To make up for his mistake, the Surgeon General also informs you that you are more likely to die if you smoke.

    10. You just shot yourself in the foot. According to you, isn’t there not any proof of a connection between cancer and smoking? And about no immediate effects, it’s not that people are afraid breathing in a couple huffs is going to give them cancer, they just don’t want to smell you.

    11. Actually, why don’t you just jump off a bridge? :D

    12. There you go again, shooting yourself in the foot. 4000 chemicals? Holy shit, are you trying to tell me that NONE of those have any harmful effects at all? Oh and did you know that peanut oil is an ingredient of dynamite? And of course dynamite could never hurt us.

    13. They have a less chance to get Alzheimer’s disease because they won’t even live that long.

    14. This disorder affects more nonsmokers than smokers because there is WAY more nonsmokers than smokers, so it’s like saying, “African-Americans have a smaller chance of dieing than white people.” The only reason they die less is because there is less of them. You get my point?

    15. What do you think caused that heart attack in the first place?

    16. If you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, don’t say it.

    17. If that actually is true, you can give them nicotine in other healthier ways.

    18. Keyword is low doses, and once you start combining chemicals, it starts to create more complex things, like what i said about peanut oil being an ingredient in dynamite.

    19. Not a lot is said against alcohol? You must not watch many commercials. But maybe one day they will ban alcohol, but one evil at a time.

    20. Cool, let’s shoot up some smokers.


  17. The damage a continuing smoker does to their lungs can take up to 20 years before its physical manifestation in lung cancer.

  18. Although tobacco deaths rarely make
    headlines, tobacco kills one person every
    six seconds.
    Tobacco kills a third to half of
    all people who use it, on average 15 years
    Today, tobacco use causes 1
    in 10 deaths among adults worldwide – more
    than five million people a year.
    By 2030, unless urgent action is taken, tobacco’s annual death
    toll will rise to more than eight million.

  19. “cj said

    am June 8 2009 @ 7:53 am

    fyi theres gonna be less smokers in the future cuz fof the schools there really crackin down on all these drugs.”

    ‘Drugs’ is just a label to make you fear things. Your school is teaching you lies. Allopathic medicine kills 800k people a year in the USA.
    Guess what they use? Drugs.
    People who use recreational ‘drugs’ moderately, such as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine etc… they don’t usually die. They can die from using too much.
    They can get into trouble from misjudgments or dependency.
    Yet all of these problems are caused by laws that tell YOU what you may or may not do.
    Do you think this is how you are supposed to live? As a servant to powerful people’s whims?
    Are you a bad person for smoking a cigarette? Snorting a line? Drinking a beer?
    Of course not. Yet 1 of those 3 things is illegal. The laws that are in place that you are forced to bow to cause the problems – the drug market (dealers, pushers, growers, methlabs), high prices (dependency = a high cost to maintain) which leads to crime and violence.

    Maybe a contrasting example:
    If I want to walk off a cliff, people may try to stop me (I’m not counting on it). But cliffs are not illegal despite the horrible loss of life or risk of serious injury that they have the potential to inflict. You can walk along cliffs all you like, just be careful because you might fall off! Same with ANYTHING IN THE WORLD. Be responsible about your actions. Be a good person. Be kind and give not take.

    But you are growing up in school, being told what is and is not allowed. You’re being conditioned with words and phrases and stereotypes and lies. Drugs = evil. Cigarettes are drugs! Cigarettes=Evil. Really?? Aspirins are drugs too.

    Think for yourself before you lump cigarettes with drugs. I think it’s logical to say that laws are a load of crap. Restrictions to your freedom. Sometimes people need help getting by in life. A pick me up, or a chill me out. They have since the beginning of time used different plants and substances for this. And they always will. You surely do not need them to exist, but they help. You can live without them, and you’re probably better to do so. But that’s your choice, not the choice of whoever flag you live under. To be called a criminal because of something harmless. To be told you may not do that because the ruling class thinks the risks are too great for me…
    Don’t want to damage the slaves right? Keep them dumb and content. Here’s a few scraps they throw us, now work hard and pay your taxes or you’ll go to jail. Also you may have to fight and die for your country. If you get injured maybe the allopathic medical community will huddle round and roll the dice to see if you live or die.
    Hell, you probably won’t ever read this anyway.
    Stupid kids in a stupid school being told stupid things.
    It’s called brainwashing. Until you learn to think for yourself instead of parroting everything you are told you’ll be a slave.
    Even if you think for yourself, you still have to live under the iron fist that rules.
    So now you have to grow a spine..
    And now you can think for yourself, and stand up for what you believe in, you have to know what’s truly right or wrong. You’ve got to get a conscience. That’s the hardest part – Undoing all the damage and lies you are forced to believe through school and TV and from a whole population of people just willing to be told what they believe in.
    That’s not life, guy. That’s slavery. Indentured servitude.
    This is the matrix! You’re an example of the people living happily in a giant illusion while their essence is extracted. Be a free person.
    The worlds not going to change overnight, or even within a decade. It’s going to get worse – the brainwashing is on a massive scale, 24/7. New laws are formed and enforced every day. Do you even know what you are allowed to do?? I sure don’t, but it has no bearing on my life. Illusions only exist if you believe in them. This is all your illusion, as long as you believe what ‘they’ tell you.
    Well, good bye and good luck.

  20. It has been said that truth is the first casualty of war. The deceptions of the war on smoking have done incalculable harm to the nation. The grossly overstated dangers of smoking to health have distorted the nation’s health priorities. To equate smoking with alcohol or drugs as teenage dangers is obviously absurd, and would never have happened if the health dangers of smoking had been accurately reported. The war on smoking has become a crusade of good against evil, and logic and science have been prostituted to attain its objective.

  21. Why do You think ,people, any country in the world taxing tobacco and and alcohol?
    With all side effects it’s probably the only let’s call it Holistic (I’ll get shut now)stimulants/relaxants available of the shelf and don’t require much education to use it ,because results are instant.Show me the country which does not tax it relatively heavy .

  22. Alright, enough is enough. Lets break this down in a rational, logical way. 1. I know I can’t spell, I don’t care I don’t want to change. That’s my right, my decision. we can agree on that right? I have the opinion I am right. you have the opinion you are right. guess what? In the great year of 1776 something great happened, we all know what it was. Then came the constitution, the document you all hold so dear, or at least you should. The constitution did not give rights, it protected them. these rights were and always shall be.
    If I do not infringe upon your rights, I have the right to do what ever I want. I have the right to smoke or not to smoke just as you do. unless I am holding you down and blowing smoke in your face you are free to remove your self from my vicinity. Especially if you are on my property or in my business. Again no one may infringe upon my right to smoke in my business, it is my business and non-smokers no not have to come into the business. they are free to do business elsewhere. So by the power in the constitution, a smoking ban in a private business is illegal. The same goes for any public place.
    2 second hand smoke. you all are going to love this one. I’ll burn the constitution myself if you can prove without a shadow of a doubt, that experiencing 2nd hand smoke from 1 smoker from 1 cigarette will give you lung cancer. You just can’t, the study just can’t be done because it’s illogical. So by health standards you can’t claim cancer. the smell can be an issue or someone who has breathing problems is another issue. But again No one is forcing anybody to breath the smoke.
    3. and in my opinion, remember I have that right, even those of you that wish I didn’t. Ha Got to make a choice, follow the constitution 100% or not at all.
    Smokers rights are being infringed on. and by LAW i.e. THE CONSTITUTION, this must stop and desist instantly. You see we live in a REPUBLIC. The rights of the one may not be infringed on my the other 300,000,000 Americans. unlike in a democracy 51% may out rule the 49%. The issue is not health here, it’s rights.
    4. everybody that says “you shouldn’t smoke it’s not good for you” I’m gonna piss you off. Here is a list, but definitely not complete of “not good for ya’s”.
    anything fast food
    anything with white sugar
    anything with artificial sweeteners
    anything with High fructose corn syrup
    anything with fluoride
    anything with GMO’s genetically modified, yea that’s healthy
    list of gmo’s
    corn soybeans beets(used to make white sugar)
    gonna stop there, find food with out these 3 products
    in more stuff than you know. go read food labels look at all the crap in there, 95% of the food you buy has added chemicals etc.
    oh by the way the FDA doesn’t tell you what food has GMO’s.
    5. Now my fav. Drugs, yay, you all the crap you put in your body. voluntary by the way. All have listed side effects, many “may cause death” are advertised on TV which is illegal for cig company’s. what good for 1 drug company must not be good for another. hmmmm
    ALL drugs have side effects. oh and I got a secret for ya, “not all the side effects are listed”.
    I could keep going all day, and end up writing a book. But you get the point. You are a walking pharmaceutical factory and when you are pointing at a smoker 3 fingers are pointing back at you.
    Do all the research you want, what I stated it 100% truth and fact, so all you smoker haters SHUT UP and DEBUNK THIS.

  23. Mr.Freedom is right, we all are consuming way more harmul chemicals that we want to know. Let’s poin fingers now at GMO and medical drugs and soda (BTW anyone has anything good to say about Pepsi?) and yet there is no ban, there is no sky high taxes, no age limit to buy…And speaking of evironment..You can grow tbacco in your backyard and hand roll it. It’s totally natural, for what reason you think Nature gave us this wonderful plant called Tobacco? Marlboro put shit in it, not smokers, we would love to have organic cigarettes. What an idea! I will try to do many of you smokers would like to smoke organic grown tobacco with no chemicals in it?



  26. Jodi H… what you said about us nonsmokers making you smoke more sounds soooooo dam ignorant… the only person that puts that ciggarete in there mouth is you… DUHHH…

  27. DID you know that if you actually have a gf that she isn’t going to be very inmpressed with your non existent dick mostly because when you smoke it slows down the blood flow to your dick which gives you an erectile dysfunction. I
    00 oo

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