Tag Surfer, one of the Coolest things of Augest Wrap-up

This August is the awesome month for us, all bloggers from WordPress because we all got a lot of gr8 features as following within one month. :)

Thanks so much. WordPress!

  1. Better more links
  2. Meebo widget
  3. New login page
  4. Private, members-only blogs
  5. Autosave
  6. Tag Surfer
  7. My Comments
  8. Avatars

How’s gr8 life! :-)

Tag SurferThis feature will give you all interesting contents of the other blogs according to your tags list. Read More..

But, there are two things that I like to suggest for the next version of Tag Surfer.

1. Paging

I think, it would be great if we have something like Paging in Tag-Surfer page. As of now, we can only see the limited number of posts.

2 . Language

There are a lot of different languages in tag-surfer page which has count limit. So, I think, it would be great if I can select the language that I want to see or if I can see the blogs which are written in English.

What do you all say? Feel free to let me know your idea.

P.S:WordPress.com Forums » Ideas: Tag Sufer

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