Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006

Are you good writer?

Do u know that Google (India) is currently looking for good Writer? Google has announced its latest challenge called “Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006“.

The contest is open only to the first 300 participants, so the sooner you enter, the better. The deadline for entries is 25th September 2006. So Hurry!! :)

Register~ Google Wordmasters Challenge
I got this info from Bot-Hack‘s Blog. Here it is.

UPDATE: Registration is now closed.

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  1. Sir,
    This google contest is it an online contest or a location based one
    pls let me know at the earliest
    Thnk u

  2. There is a small but a big mistake on this website.
    The beginning lines announce the name of the Contest as “Google Wordmasters Challenge 2005”. this is a mistake. It should be “Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006” instead.

  3. Hi, Ramdas

    There is a small but a big mistake on this website.
    The beginning lines announce the name of the Contest as “Google Wordmasters Challenge 2005″. this is a mistake. It should be “Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006″ instead.

    Yeah. You are right. My mistake. Sorry.. I have updated.
    BTW, this challenge is closed now..

  4. Sir,
    It is with the most sincere regrets that I write to you.Today, i.e. the 26th of September, I have received an email confirming my registration for the Wordmaster’s 2006 challenge, at my preferred location, Kolkata.
    I am from a neighbouring town Jamshedpur, who was looking forward to travel to the exam town by train on the 29th.But, if I might, I’d like to draw your attention to a certain predicament.The challenge has been scheduled for the 30th of this month.Since the 30th also falls on Ashtami, the eighth day of the ongoing Durga festival in India, I would like to tell you that most, if not all, roads in Kolkata will be diverted.
    As if that is not enough, adding to my woes is the fact that trains on these two days will be chock-full with passengers, and hence a reservation will be a Godsend.So, to cut a long story in short, I want to ask you whether the date of the exam can be postponed?
    I just love writing and had really set my sights on this Challenge, but as ill-fate would have it, it seems, all too surreal situations will impede my appearnce at the Challenge.It’s only a few days before the Challenge, hence I would really like to know whether Google can do something for me, like alternative test taking options.I’m waiting for a speedy reply from you.Do contact me at:, or call me up at: +919931561912.

  5. I have filled in my registration request for the Google Wordasters Challenge 2006 on 25th September 2006 for Delhi. I am yet to receive any response regarding the venue.


    Debasish Mukherjee
    Cell: +91 9868282162

  6. Hi Michael,

    y name is Rose, I have been selected for the contest and will be appearing for the contest from Bangalore. I’d appreciate it if you could give me some pointers that could help me with the contest, which could range from a host of stuff like:
    1. What do you think am I going to be asked to deliver?
    2. Is it likely to be an essay writing competetion? As I do understand that the contest will be for a two hour duration.
    3. Any specific sites that I could refer to?
    4. Anything in particular that I need to prepare?

    I’d appreciate it if you could let me know at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Hi Rose,

    As Im not from Google, Im not very sure about that.

    Here is what bothack says.

    The contest format: The contestants will be given 20 random words which they will have to string in a logical manner, with proper grammer to craft an essay.

    I’d like to suggest you to contact with Google India directly.

    All the best! Rose.

    Michael Sync

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