One Day Without You By Lubaina Rahil

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One Day Without You
By Lubaina Rahil

One day without you is like one day without air,
like one week without food
and a fortnight without water.

One day without you is like
a month without sunshine or shelter.

One day without your voice is like
a year’s absence of the sound of music,
or of birds, or of rain and thunder.

One day without your comfort
is a week without sleep,
for my heart knows no rest,
and my nights give no peace.

One day without your love,
and my days are empty of beauty;
though I see around me everywhere
others who are called beautiful,
none of them compare with your visage
as I gaze at your photo.

One day without speaking with you
is like years alone in the wilderness
or a deserted island;
though I may talk with people on the streets, my soul has no

One day without you is like
a year in a prison;
though I may come and go as I please,
my soul knows no freedom.

One day without you in my life
is like no life at all!

I’ll love you forever…

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  1. I like mixed up.It’s make you feel different kind of feeling :)
    I like that poem, “One Day Without You ” …thank you .

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