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Today, I have decided to use for bookmarking of my fav links. U know why? I dont wanna lost my fav link anymore. Actually, I used to bookmark if I found any link that is good (at least for me) whenever I’m surfing the Interent. But The problem is that I always used to forget to backup my “Bookmarks” Folder of My Browser (Im Firefox user) whenever I moved one machine to another. So, I always lost my fav links so many times.

Now, Today…. I’m start using which is very popular FREE Online Bookmarking Service. Hopefully, I won’t never lost my fav link again..

Here is my bookmark if you wanna see. (Ya. It’s not the completed one Cuz As I have a lot of links, I’m not able to add all links to this Service at one shot. I will keep on updating all the links that I have whenever I have some time.)

If you were a firefox user like me, you can properly install Officical Firefox Extension for from


Oki.. That’s. Be Cool!

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  1. Hi Micheal,
    Thats a bug in Mozilla browser. When you try to export the bookmarks they are lost.
    It has been posted also. Well you have found a workaround for the same. Thats cool :)

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