Window XP Source Code

* NOTE: It’s just for FUN. As u know, I LOVE Microsoft. :)

I found the code below from this link. Thanks to Donotalo for this coding. :)

/* Source Code – Windows XP

#include "win31.h"
#include "win95.h"
#include "win98.h"
#include "workst~1.h"
#include "evenmore.h"
#include "oldstuff.h"
#include "billrulz.h"
#include "monopoly.h"
#include "backdoor.h"
#define INSTALL = HARD

char make_prog_look_big(16000000);
void main()

    if (first_time_installation)
      } //if

    if (still_not_crashed)
    } // if
  } //while

  if (detect_cache())

  if (fast_cpu())
    } //if

  /* printf("Welcome to Windows 3.1");    */
  /* printf("Welcome to Windows 3.11");   */
  /* printf("Welcome to Windows 95");     */
  /* printf("Welcome to Windows NT 3.0"); */
  /* printf("Welcome to Windows 98");     */
  /* printf("Welcome to Windows NT 4.0"); */
  printf("Welcome to Windows XP");

  if (system_ok())
    system_memory = open("a:\swp0001.swp",O_CREATE);

    } // while

} // main

Please read this coding very carefully.. It’s really funny….

Hav Fun! Njoy!

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  1. This is so fucking lame. And old, I saw it posted the first time on the net around 1998 or something. Wow, you must think you’re really “fresh” and “funky” and “cool” since you found it and just assumed that no one else had seen it, when in reality the entire world except you and your lame-ass friends have seen it a billion times.

    Oh, and for the record: Microsoft sucks ass, and the only people who like it are tiny little fanboys like you.

  2. Hi Rebenga,

    Do you know when this post is posted??

    >>assumed that no one else had seen it

    Did I write like that somewhere in my post??
    As I got this from forum, i know a lot of people already seem this one..

    >>the only people who like it are tiny little fanboys like you.

    A lot of people like Microsoft that’s why ms is still the biggest software company in the world.. but of course, MS Software are not for those who don’t have enough money to buy …

    Can you tell me a lit bit more about you?? What are you?? You are saying something bad about Microsoft because you don’t get the windows as FREE?? :) lolz…

  3. btw, if you wanna tell me that I don’t know about latest technologies, you should take time to read my blog or subscribe my feed.. :) it’s too early for you to say like that to me..

  4. haha.. so funny.. thanks… don’t be angry with those people, mike.. I think your blog is really great..

    I saw your Firebug tutorial series… I like it.. It introduces me a lot of feature of firebug.. it helps me a lot…. thanks..

  5. This code probably looks better than the actual code. This is well written and self documenting! Microsoft could probably do well to copy some of this ;)

  6. Gosh said
    am September 2 2008 @ 12:11 pm

    What’s this source code for?


    To show how stupid it is to use Windows Operating Systems. Apparently someone did not actually VIEW the entire code, or they would have noticed all the *Goofs* about it!

    “Real People use Linux!!”

  7. rana said

    am November 2 2008 @ 11:54 pm

    i found no funny thing in it

    — That is probably because you actually use windows, and you more then likely don’t know your computer code to actually make out what was trying to be accomplished by this whole thing to begin with. If you actually sit there and READ the entire code that is posted at the top of this page, I mean – REALLY read the entire thing, then maybe…..JUST MAYBE, you will see what is/was so funny about it.

  8. >You are saying something bad about Microsoft because you don’t get the >windows as FREE?? :) lolz…

    That’s quite the narrow-minded thing to say.
    As a computer science student, I can get Windows for free, I even have a legit install disc for Vista business edition that I got for free from a Microsoft rep. However, I don’t use Windows. I prefer to use Linux, it’s simply superior to Windows, and it’s a lot more fun :)

  9. please open xp source code iwant to more knowlage in your operting system please thank you

  10. I guess something like this can only be funny if you know a bit about the history of Microsoft’s takeover. I guess it is funny in that people actually are so deprived of something to truly laugh at that they will laugh at this. I think the person who wrote this fake code is a bit like a lot of computer geeks, a bit tired of seeing Microsoft plunder the market while it enjoys its status as an industry standard. Linux is definitely superior in every way, except that they don’t make all the same great games compatible with Linux. Windows allows amateurs to believe they are smart. Heck if every computer ran on a version of Windows my gramma could be a network administrator. Linux is for the real pros.

  11. Tis is fake and gay I never heard about such crap as this is, I’mlookin for the real source code. and YOU CANNOT COMPILE THIS IN DEV C++ becaus you DO NOT have the other files included in the “code”.

    Grtz Comeone who wants the Real source code…

  12. ok linux people. have a look at this.

    #define SIMPLE = hell_no
    #define GARBAGE = hell-yes
    int main()
    display_error_message(“Sorry, you need to do this and that”);
    return 0;

  13. Kaylan is a faggot.

    #include “Missing.dick”
    #include “evenmore.crap”
    #include “moronic.programming”
    #include “faggot.parser”
    return ‘asshole’;


  14. ROFLMMFAO how many terminals did you have to open to get here The Linux Community? Its ok little guys, youll grow up someday.

  15. Kaylan,

    I use Linux and don’t have to use the terminal for anything unless I want to. I also have Windows 7 as part of a dual-boot setup, though I prefer Linux. Linux doesn’t fall prey to all the viruses and security threats as Windows; also in Linux, you have more control over your operating system and software Linux is A LOT less resource intensive than Windows. Yes, I know Windows is easier to use but you obviously have to be intelligent to use Linux, something most Microsoft users are not….

  16. If your using linux and you dont use the terminal then your not doing anything except ridding with training wheels. You have to be ->Intelligentintelligent<- to do. As for windows being more resource intinsive, never been a problem here. You can hate all day long. But in the end. Windows is better than linux no mater how you analyze it. In every way possible. GET OVER IT! Besides its basically a law that paid software, is better than free/open source software. I can do anything you can do on linux BETTER on windows. Its not me hating, its not me ranting, its just the way it is period….

  17. Right? HA!
    Better? You must be insane. That old crappy windows bs? Windows should have died, a long, long, time ago.
    Being someone who is INTELLIGENT, and uses terminal daily, if your not smart enough to use linux then you may as well commit suicide now. Windows is a suckish operating system, proven fact. Linux was created to be the best, and it is.
    I guarantee that within 50 seconds of connecting your winblows computer to the internet you will be filled with malware. Linux does not get viruses or malware.
    If you call linux ‘training wheels’ you must be insane. Windows tries to make everything easier, while linux aims to make things BETTER. Linux succeeds, and windows also succeeds, but as a result, windows is pure crap.

  18. Look, lets not fight anymore. I really dont think were getting anything out of it but the fact that were both little bitchy fan boys of different os’s. I admit the fact that linux does have its strong points. I would like to clear a few things up though. By training wheels i mean that, with linux, you do have to do things a specific way. Otherwise, your not getting anywhere. At least in my experiences of which i have lots of. BUT, thats part of security, one of linuxs strong points. Anti-virus software is free (some), and it realy works (trust me) and that coupled with experience and knoledge makes a great total security outfit. I am intelligent, but im not a rocket scientist. My dick is there (trust me).

  19. Kaylan,

    I do agree with your last comment. My last one was not to meant start a flame war, but to point out why I prefer using Linux over Windows. I had used Microsoft OSs my entire life and grew fed-up with their bs whenever I had to call tech support to fix an issue one of their security updates had caused. So, I made a blind leap to Linux last year and hadn’t looked back…until my wife broke my laptop but let’s not get into that. The current laptop I’m using doesn’t allow me to boot to Linux due to an incompatible BIOS….

  20. Hi.I really have a problem.I like to see source code of dos kernel (in Assembly). is it possible to get it somewhere?? if yes please guide me how?? thanks a lot

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