Hi WP Bloggers! Get 1GB free storage

Here is cool site for those who like to have more spaces.


As Im tech blogger, I really like to have more space on WordPress because when I post some coding or tips/trick in my blog, I like to attach the sample of that post.. I have been waiting paid-upgrade for getting more spaces on WP. But it hasn’t come out til now..

Aniway, I came to know this site from my friend and I think it would be useful for every bloggers at WP. That’s why Im sharing with you all about that site..

How to?

1. Register one account

Very Simply.. Just click this link below for registering or go to eSnips.com and just simply register one account for yourself.

Get 1GC free storage at eSnips

2. Activate your Account

After registering, you will receive one email from eSnip for activating your account. Just click the link in that email then your account will be activated.

3. Create Public Folder for Sharing

Log in with your account.. Click the link “Create Folder”.
Create Folder

3. Give Folder Name and Set it as Public Folder

In that step, you just need to define your folder Name and Set this folder as Public.. You can also describe about folder if you want.. YOu can also tag your folder too..

Set the folder as Public

4.Choose your Web Address

Choose Web Address

5.Upload your first file

Done. You have created your public folder successfully. Upload your file (ie: sample coding or whatever u want) to Public Folder. Get the link and Put this link in your article.

Upload your first file

Hopefully, you may find it useful.. Feel free to leave a comment here..

6 Replies to “Hi WP Bloggers! Get 1GB free storage”

  1. Thanks. Phoenix..

    Yah. I also like box.net.. but i guess, there is no public folder feature in free version of box.net account. means that we can share the files within the users of box.net. not to public.. if we wanna share our files to public, we have to upgrade our account.

    So, eSnips.com might be better.. it’s free and no cost for sharing our files to public.

    It’s just my low op…

  2. That site not working properly :(
    I’m trying to get one account on Sunday and it’s always asking me to enter the validation characters again and again…
    Will try once more later.

  3. I have tested as u see the screenshot aboved.
    I have no prob in registering..
    maybe. you didn’t put the validation charaters correctly..
    YOu may check again…

  4. Thanks. Phoenix.
    I have tried as you say. But I got the public link for that file.


    Unfortunely, I also got the following the message when I tried to access my uploaded file via pubic link. it means that the user who wanna download that file need to have an account in box.net.

    You need to be logged into Box.net to access this user’s files. Don’t have an account? Register now and get 1GB of storage for free!

    Please let me know if I missed out somethings in sharing the uploaded file as public..

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