Domain Registration and Me

As soon as I heard that great news (“Domain Registration and Mapping”) announced by Matt, I decided to buy my owned domain for my blog that I love. Pricing is also reasonable. It’s just $15/year. Okie.. Let’s get one domain! :-)

Enter ur site name!

Everything is pretty fine til now.. When I start looking for the way how to get the domain, I came to know that I need to have the Credit Card and I need to access Paypal Website.

Problem is started from this point. Believe it or Not! The most of people in my country don’t have Credit Card. We are NOT using those card because we are NOT used to do online shopping in our country. Are you wondering? But it’s truth.

I also saw one question as below asked by RainCoaster in this thread.

Is there a way to pay for that which does NOT involve credit cards or Paypal (which need a credit card for you to register)? Cuz some of us bloggers are not, like, up on that credit card thing…

Yeah. Good queston! This is what I’d like to ask to WP Team. But not sure when Im gonna get an answer for that question.

Hey Matt, Potz and Andy! you guys are giving such a great feature for us.. Thanks.. but I’m the one who is NOT able to use this feature even I have $15 in my purse, even I really want to…. u knw wht? I’m feeling like.. i dont even exist in the World.

I remember what my mom used to tell me when I was a child. Money can’t buy everything. (eg: Happiness, Love, friendships and so on) . I’m not so sure why money can’t buy those things. What I knew at that time is that I was pretty happy if I have money. cuz i could buy a lot of snacks. So, I thought, I got happiness cuz of money.. which means Money can’t buy happiness but I got happiness cuz of money.. But she never told me that Money can’t buy Domain Name. Now, I came to know that Money cant’ buy everything including Domain Name.. Mom! you are absolutely right!

Im just Keep on waiting and waitiNG and WAITING for an angle who can help me out.. Life is suck… im fuck up with everything all the time.. :( Dame it!

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  1. I thought, that link “” is not working properly.. but if i remove “www” from ur link, it start working.

  2. Thats the main problem that people outside the US of A face, no credit cards or paypal account. At least you’ve seen that Buy Domain name option in your Upgrades section, I don’t even see that! :-)

    Hope they find other ways for us to pay, I don’t want to empty my Paypal acc for it.

  3. Thanks for ur comment. Ashish.
    u knw. now.. I can access paypal website via by-pass proxy, but my country is not in the list… :(

    >>At least you’ve seen that Buy Domain name option in your Upgrades >>section, I don’t even see that!

    It’s under Dashboard -> Options -> Domains..

  4. Ah. And I thought it was in Upgrades. Which country are you from? My country is accepted that’s why I have an account, but the only other way to pay even if your country is not supported is through credit card and people in countries like us don’t use credit cards that much….

  5. >>Which country are you from?
    I’m from Myanmar (burma)..

    I got one ID from my friend.. i was trying to access palpay website via By-Pass Proxy… now, i can access this website.. but…
    I’m getting this error…:(

    Error 3028. You have accessed your account from a sanctioned country. Per international sanctions regulations, you are not authorized to access the PayPal system. For more information about your PayPal account status, contact For further information regarding international sanctions, please refer to the respective websites of the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control and/or the Bank of England.

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