7 Replies to “Happy Birthday! Firefox”

  1. Yay! Didn’t know it was FF’s birthday! :-) Anyways, Mike the BEST is disputed! Heehee!

    Hey how about we both run a competition? The one of us who finds the most funniest extension wins! Tell me what you think by emailing me : aacinfosystems AT gmail.com

  2. Thanks. man.
    I think, pre tag doesn’t work well in this theme.
    Please take a look
    this post.

    How bad it is. :( i hav mailed about this to support… still waiting their reply..
    u know.. i hav something to post in my blog. but i hav made sure that all existing posts are showing great firstly.. :(

    hey. btw, i will mail u abt FF ext today.. man.. :)

  3. I think support will reply to your query soon. There are loads of plugins to help you but sadly you can’t use them on WP, you’ll have to migrate to a paid host.

    I guess you’ll have to compromise unless Mark or Matt (Support) show you a workaround.

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