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I was very happy to use “Andreas07” as my theme since Setp 9. But When I was posting my first tech article in my blog, I got a lot of problems in code formatting. Because the font size which is set for <p> tag is too small. (and i guess, there is no overlaping so that scrollbar doesn’t show automatically in case text in <p> tag are so long.). I was looking for better theme which might be matched with my requirement. I was quite busy with changing my theme and reformatting my code within <p> tag. I don’t even post any post in my blog lately..

Finally, I came to know that Cutline is very nice theme for tech blogs like mine. but there is one problem in Cutline Theme. The problem is that if we put <p> tag within <li> tags, it won’t show properly. (I have asked about this to WP Support but still no reply. I know they are busy.). However, I have removed all <li> tags in my article then it shows great. (Check it out here.). I’m happy now. :P

Yeah. This is the reason why I change my theme. Please take a look at this..

What do you think?


You can also check my old themes in this post.. .

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  1. Cool. It’s my theme’s brother! I love it. More professional. They’ll (support) respond to your query soon. :-)

    Alex: People like us on Blogging platforms like WP do not have the ability to add plugins. :-) Mike will probably have to move to a paid host to do that.

  2. Thanks.

    Alex:Thanks so much for suggestion. I have checked ur post.. it looks very nice. But As Ashish said, we dont have the ability at add plugins.

    I was thinking to move to a paid host, But I have some issues.

    1. I have some issues in importing.

    [ – Forum ]Importing from WPMU to Local WordPress

    [ – Forum ]Importing XML file to Local WordPress

    2. I dont wanna lose any old param link.

    3. As you all know, it’s very difficult to buy something online for me.

    So, I will be waiting Premium Blog Upgrade from :)

  3. i love to read tech blogs because i am a technology addict, always looking for new hi tech stuffs ”

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