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TestGen4Web is a tool to record/replay user actions in Firefox. (This extension is developed by Spikesource, a company making a name for themselves by testing Open Source applications. ) As it acts like Macro-recording in automation testing tools, this extension can be used for testing web application.

You can record all actions very easily by pressing the “record” button Record Button which is shown in Toolbar. Once you are finished recording, you can save all steps in XML file for replaying later. [Note: You are able to edit the XML file as you want after saving. ]

As the steps is saved in XML file, you can use either TestGen4Web or Other Automation Web Testing Tools such as HttpUnit, SimpleTest and so on.

There are two parts in this extension. There are ~

  1. Recorder : It uses in recording user actions in Firefox.
  2. Translator : Translator framework is a collection of translators written in any language. The translator needs to take one or more input files, and output the automation tests, and the driver to run the test.

Please take a look at the overall picture of TestGen4Web

Overall picture of TestGen4Web

Where can I get it?

You can get it from Firefox Addon Website. Here is the direct link. You will see new toolbar for TestGen4Web after installing. (Note: Restarting the browser is required as usual).


Yeah. I wanna tell you in details. Unfortunely, I have very limited time to wrtie the whole things. I’m gonna share some good links where you can read.


  1. Website testing with TestGen4Web and Firefox
  2. Projects:TestGen4Web
  3. Screenshots
  4. Documentations
  5. Download Links
    1. Download from Firefox Addon.
    2. Download from SpikeSource.

Hopefully, you will find it useful.
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