MSFirefox or IE7?

Did u know that?

I came to know a web site called MSFirefox today.


I’m wondering if Microsoft really made that product and this website because there are a lot of things which are very very strange to me.

1. Smiling Bill Gates Photo at the left banner.


2. The one they are giving as download is IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe

This is the installer for Internet Explorer 7.

3. It’s not FREE


4. The definition of RSS in Full Features Page or this page.

RSS means … Arh! .. Better go and check it out.

If you wanna read more, you may chk their support page.

5. Strange Photo in 4th Feature “Fast Fun” which is mentioned in Home Page.

That girl from this photo looks very like one of the porn stars from Japan. (but not sure.)

Yeah. Maybe there are some more but let me stop here.

I just assume that this website might be created by someone who hate Microsoft. Let me know if you guys have any idea about this site.

Opps! Almost forget.. Here is a movie from their site..

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