Free 10G of Space and WP MORE SPACE Upgrade

Great News! WordPress has released 4th Paid-Upgrade called “More Space Upgrade” today. If you are running out of space for uploading file, you can buy an extra 1 GB, 5GB or 10GB to store your stuffs for your blogs.

Go To=> Dashboard>Upgrades. (you will see new upgrade as below pic in this section.)


( More Info : Running out of space?)

Plus. There is one interesting news behind Space Upgrade.
Here is what Donncha said.

To make things more interesting, I would like to hear about your ideas for filling 10GB of space. The most creative idea will win the 10GB of upload space.

Meaning that you can also win “Running out of space competition” by giving your creative idea for which kinda stuffs you are gonna store in your 10GB space. How great it is! :)

In this post, I’m gonna sharing some thoughts of mine regarding More Space Upgrade. (I’m not expect to win this price so much since my writting skills are not very good compared to native speakers. But I don’t mind if this price winner is gonna to be me. :) ). Before buying this upgrade, we have to think about what we are gonna do if we have 10GB space for our blogs. And also which features we might need to have if we have a lot of space.

Things we can do if we have a lot of space in our blogs

#1. Source Code and Screenshots of your article

If you were like me, a tech blogger, we really need to have source code attached in our article explanaing about a particular technology. And also, a reader wanna see some screenshots whether an article is worth to read or not before reading the article or downloading the sourcecode. The other point is that having screenshot in the article makes more interesting for readers to read your article and sourcecode.

You might also wanna say that there are a lot of free file stroage and free photo uploading sites, why we should buy paid-upgrade from WordPress. Yeah. It’s true but the main thing is that how reliable they are. What if the free service you are using crashed?? What if the one you are using stop offering free service? If something happen then you gonna lose all of your valuable photos and files that you uploaded after spending a lot of your time.

Let me show you how WP Backup System works.

According to the feature list of WordPress, all of your data will be in two places (Dalls and San Diego.) so that You don’t need to worry about losing your data. I guess, it might be reliable than your local hard disk. :) ( you may also read what WP said about their DataCenters as below. )

we run dozens of servers in two datacenters (Dallas and San Diego) with instant copies of all your data and uploads in each. This allows us to serve your blog very quickly, and also if something catastrophic were to happen, like California falling into the ocean or Dallas being hit by a meteor, your blog would be okay. (Even though if that happened you’d probably have bigger things on your mind.) 99.9% of blog hosts out there just have one datacenter.

#2. OpenSource Projects

Suppose: You or your team are working on a opensource project so that you have to keep all versions of your projects (including Binary file, SourceCode, Installer, Patches and so on) on the Server. As long as your project is growning bigger and bigger, you will definetely need to have more space to keep your projects.

Only for OpenSouce Project? No! You can also host your commercial project, school projects and so on. If you don’t wanna your blog to visible to all Internet Users, you can easy change the status of your blog as Private Blog. There is another upgrade called “Unlimited Users on Private Blog” also available in WordPress.

if your blog has more than one author or your blog is a kind of Team Blog, $90 for extra 10G space is a reasonable price. Suppose: Your team has 10 people then it cost only $10 for each of you.And you will be getting 10GB as extra space.

#3. Sharing Large Files with your freinds

Sharing very Large Installer Files, Backup Files, Movies and so on .

#4. File Backup

Back up your important file on your reliable server. (but you need to check with WP Admin about how safe your privacy is. )

#5. Photo Sharing Blog, Movie Downloads, MP3 Sharing

Of course! :) Plus. I noticed that there are some blogs about painting. A reliable and large space might be requried for them.

Features we need to have if we have more space

  1. Better Fil/Folder Management (eg: support multiple files uploading, mutliple file deleting) I guess it would be great if WP can offer a tool like cPanel or something like that. For the time being, it’s tooo difficult to manage our files even we currently have only 15MB space.
  2. Allow to upload most of the file extensions. (not only img and vid.)
  3. maybe (FTP and SVN too)

Okay. That’s all from my side. What do u think?

BTW, Here is new feature that shows current usage of our uploads. Thanks a lot. WP.


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  1. >>I missed it since I didn’t log in to the Dashboard for days.

    ya. u missed it… man… i think you are so busy lately…

    >>Mike for winner!!!
    Thanks a lot .. man.. but i don’t expect that much because if they like my post then they might need to make a lot of improvement (eg: Better File Management.. )

    I think, WP guys should do something for File Management. Currently, it’s very difficult to manage our uploads even we hav just a little space ( 50M)

  2. ya. u missed it… man… i think you are so busy lately…

    Yeah what with CCNA study, running the cyber cafe and other jobs I’m drained. Thanks for your considertaion. Much appreciated. :)

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