Let’s get Free Domain Name from Microsoft

Microsoft is offering such a great service called Microsoft Office Live Basic for everyone who love to have owned website.

You will be getting the following cool features with free of charges ~

  1. Free Domain Name : It’s NOT sub domains.. You can register a unique and personalized domain name (eg: michaelsync.net, yourname.org, yourcompanyname.com and so on.).
  2. 500MB Free spaces
  3. 25 Email accounts
  4. Advertising
  5. Easy-to-use web design tools

And a few more: Here is the link.

Microsoft Office LIve

The following steps are required to register.

  1. Register a new domain name
  2. Create your Windows Live ID
  3. Type your contact information
  4. Enter payment information *** :(
  5. Business information
  6. Disclosure
  7. Complete your sign up

It’s just 7 steps to register so that it won’t be very difficult for everybody.

What do you think? Cool? :)

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  1. In reply to Ashish C.’s comment, it’s a beta. Which means that when it goes live, it’ll cost you.

    But the Microsoft tie-in is not worth it. LAMP is more secure and free, and nothing outputs worse HTML than FrontPage. (OK, maybe Microsoft Word.)

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