Result of WordPress “Extra Space” Contest

Donncha announced the result of WordPress Extra Space Contest.

There are 40 attempts totally for this contest. WP picked three winners. and they also point out 15 posts as noteworthy contributions. ( my post has been picked as noteworthy contributions. Thanks a lot. WP and Donncha. )

Here are all attempts for “WP Extra space contest” ~

  1. Le trovate geniali di
  2. Running Out of Space Competition
  3. 10GB of space
  4. Free 10GB of Upload Space From
  5. Bloggers: Running out of space?
  6. Running out of space? -1
  7. Running out of space? -2
  8. Running out of space? -3
  9. Images WANT to be FREE!
  10. 10 ideas to fill 10Gb of free hosting
  11. 10GB füllen? Kein Problem!
  12. Wettbewerb – 10 GB füllen
  13. How to fill 1o gigs of upload space
  14. Running out of space? « Answer
  15. Space Limits
  16. The boss is back….
  17. What will I do with 10 GB space
  18. How to fill 10GB of space ( contest)
  19. Running out of space!
  20. Раннин аут оф спейс?
  21. I want 10GB for my Blog
  22. I need my 10GB
  23. The Space Race
  24. Free 10G of Space and WP MORE SPACE Upgrade
  25. 10 Gigs, Isn’t that great?
  26. If I had 10GB of space, I would..
  27. How to fill 10 GB of WordPress space?
  28. 10 GB
  29. Insane Idea for 10 Insane Gigs
  30. Oooh Pick Me! Pick Me! or What I’d Do With 10 GB of Free Space [removed]
  31. 10 GB of Space
  32. I, uh… just need some space.
  33. 10GB: Plan “B”
  34. If only I had more storage…
  35. Good News for WordPress using trainspotter
  36. Wicked ideas and real publicity
  37. Nice’s ideas for filling 10GB of space
  38. What would I do with 10GB of space on
  39. What would I do with extra storage on my WordPress account? [remove]
  40. An Inquiry Driven Blog

Note: Feel free to let me know if you found any duplicated links or any link that I missed it out. Thanks. 

Here are the Winners of WP Extra Space Contest ~

  1. Drewblom 
  2. Halfawake
  3. Fracas

 Congratulation! Drewblom, Hafawake and Fracas! You guys did great jobs…… Cool..

8 Replies to “Result of WordPress “Extra Space” Contest”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to post congrats at my blog. I think many of you had better ideas for how to use the space than I did but I’m still happy to have won something. All you folks are awesome to take time to say something.

    WordPress seems to have a lot of great people signed up!


  2. I read about that on the news post but your blog wasn’t loading up properly to allow me to comment. Congrats on a Noteworthy contribution! I’m sure you’ll get it next time! :)

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