Good things about arguing with people

I heard that there are a lot of fights happened in some blogs lately. Initially, I thought that why people keep on fighting all the time for nothing, why people are spending so much time for arguing about something that give you nothing.

I have no answer for long time until I read this post.

Here is details.

One of the best ways of generating traffic is bitching. (Key word: traffic, not loyal readers)

1. Bitch at famous people. Or launch a public attack on something public. For example, you could make fun of Steve Irwin’s death or claim Beyonce has tourettes.

2. Bitch at a blogger/several bloggers/a group of people online. Oh, and don’t forget your blog link.

3. Do something completely ridiculous/unheard of/creative and work hard to make it spread like wildfire. Aka a meme. It helps if it’s really really cruel, like threatening to light a kitten on fire and videotape it. (But don’t do that, you’ll probably get threatened by PETA)

-Oh, and when people start bitching at you for it, you know they’re just trying to steal hits ^^

Or, you could go all exhibitionist and camwhore-ish.
Note: This only works if you look good. Or if you’re showing off some strange anomaly, like a third breast.

You could also do the boring old “I care about this, that, politics, economics, blabla, prostitution in the Phillipines”-stuff. But that takes time, effort, passion, and all those other morals we’d rather do without. (:

[Thanks to michaeldc, the original author of this post.]

Yah. :) I came to know that it’s pretty good to make a fight on the blogs. :)
That’s why, I’m thinking… maybe. I should also write about something that a lot of people won’t agree with me. :) Then, A lot of people will be coming to my blog and might write a lot of comments for arguing my post. :)

It doesn’t matter whether I could win or not. One thing for sure is that I will be getting a ton of traffic as FREE. :P . After that, I might be #1 in Top WP Bloggers List or I might get more PR. Currently, I’m at PR5 so that it would be great if I can get more PR. :)

But remember! I won’t leave my blog anyways. :)

Hav Fun! Njoy!

22 Replies to “Good things about arguing with people”

  1. :)
    >>>>why people keep on fighting all the time for nothing, why people are spending so much time for arguing about something that give you nothing.
    It’s nice words;
    Hey! let me allow to read your blog;
    Don’t block me

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  4. came down to this link from the one on FW: Slow Down Culture, Well nice to now that argument / bitching can be a really good stratergy to improvise on the traffic to your blog good going guys

  5. I don’t agree with #1, being controversial and crossing the line by making fun of subjects that should not be discussed is just wrong to attract attention to a blog.

    But starting arguments with others while leaving your link isn’t a bad idea at all.

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