First of all, I’d like to say very* sorry for not coming up any post in my blog lately. But I’m sure that my blog is NOT getting cold or something. I’m just having some kinda probs during these days.. And.. Another thing is that I have very limited time for using Internet. Initially, I was using internet from my office. but due to some reasons, I hav to go back early everyday so that I can’t use internet that much. It’s so sad.. :(

Anyways, I will try to come up with new article every weeks. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestion or comments for my blog. Your suggestion will make my blog better. I do appreciate it.

Sorry again and Thanks for understanding.

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. >>But dun say a high speed internet connection, I dun even have a good PC in my room. lol

    :) ya.. u know.. act, having high speed inet connection or having good PC is not that important…
    the most important thing is *light* ( electricity). :)

  2. the most important thing is *light* ( electricity).
    Yeah been having problems with electricity these days too, don’t worry Mike! Everything will be fine soon! :)

  3. Mike: Dun worry. Do it at your pleasure.. just remember to do it! :) [Btw, the My Lounge link – did he email you asking to link exchange? coz I had told him to…]

  4. >>Btw, the My Lounge link – did he email you asking to link exchange?
    Oh. ya.. the guy from s’pore… He emailed to exchange a link with me.. we hav done exchanging our links now..

    >>coz I had told him to…
    Thanks a lot. buddy.. Initially, I was wondering how come he know my country name.. :)

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