Listen to any PDF file instead of reading

I think that it might be a old news for you all. But it’s pretty new to me. I used to read a lot of eBooks but I didn’t know that there is a feature like that in Adobe® Reader®. I just come to know that we can listen to any PDF file instead of reading with Adobe Reader. 


Ctrl+shift+b – to hear the entire Document
Ctrl+shift+v – to hear the page
Ctrl+shift+c – to resume
Ctrl+shift+e – to stop

Open any PDF file and play with those shortcuts above.

You may read the details in the following links.

  1. Hello TTS(Text-to-Speech technology): Listen to your PDF
  2. Listen to Your PDFs (Adobe – Design Center)

Thanks to Rahul for fowarding this mail.

12 Replies to “Listen to any PDF file instead of reading”

  1. ya. it’s cool..
    I think, adobe has added this feature (TTS) to Acrobat around 2005 or 6.. but I didn’t know abt that..

    I hav tested with my adobe reader version 7.0. it’s working fine but the default voice is not good.. sound is like robot’s talking.. not good to listen..

  2. :) U wanna have the option to choose the voices to listen ?
    Like guy’s voice or girl’s voice…
    Drop a feature request at Adobe :D

  3. @ wendysung626
    ya.. i’v been there once… I put a comment in this photo “hehe! do you like it?”. :)
    Thanks for your visit…

    inn. ya..
    actually, abobe simply added javascript to use default Windows Speeh (TTS) API for reading pdf text.. there are three readers (LH Michael, LH Michelle and Microsoft Same) as default for Speech tool in my xp box. but I like none of them.. so, maybe. i should drop a “feature request” to Microsoft Speech too. :)

  4. Wow! Even I didn’t know about it… now only if the voice was real-life like! :D [Btw, I do prefer to read than listen… except perhaps fairytales eh? ;) ]

  5. oh that was you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i see now!
    you have been to my flickr???
    i actually thought you have known me through bloglog
    i think you were the one in blogwood right?
    and just by chance you went to my flickr?

  6. ya. im the one in blogwood… i know ur bloglog too..

    >>just by chance you went to my flickr?
    you gave me your photo links two times … so, i went there.. :)

    why dont u try ur english blog in wordpress?? is pretty good and free..

  7. WOW, for me too it is not something old – I am wondering How the people missed out discussing this kind of wonderful features –

    Thanks to all

  8. Good post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Cheers!

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