I’m gonna stop playing “Link Exchange Program”

I just want my reader to know that I’m gonna stop playing “link exchange” program. But I will keep all existing links that are already exchanged except the inactive blogs and the blogs that has removed my link.

Here is the list of blogs that I have removed from my sidebar. (P.S: MayPooh, KoKoThet and Ye Maung! You may let me know if you start blogging again.)

  • Mig33fans
  • World Thoughts
  • Cricketmaniacs
  • Blue Logic Training
  • Maypooh
  • Ko Ko Thet’s Blog
  • Ye Maung’s Blog

Let me tell you why I did “link exchange” earlier. Actually, I got this idea from brainfox. We believed that exchanging a link can increase the PageRank of our blogs and the rank of technorati. It worked well at that time.


But things has been changed. When I read Lorelle‘s explanation on how Google ranks the websites (You can read here “Secret Out – How Google Ranks Websites” ) , I come to know that it’s better to stop playing “link exchange” program because exchanging/buying a link won’t work in future. Plus, Google might penalize my blog in case I did something wrong in playing. So, Not increasing PR is okay but i don’t want the current PR of my blog to drop anyways.

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  1. You are more than right, but the time is now. Google just released their new blog PageRank patent and while it gives a lot more credit to blogrolls, link exchanges or any evidence of gaming through the blogroll and such are now penalized.

    They are also evaluating link lists, looking for links within content as part of the content, not link lists. Link in a blog without content disproportionate to the content may get penalized.

    I’ll be updating the Google PageRank article and posting the new Blog PageRank information soon.

    I’m glad someone’s paying attention. ;-) Good for you!

  2. Hello Christian López Espínola,

    You are right. I feel like that too. the reader will be coming as long as I keep on posting cool and interesting stuffs.
    Thanks for your comment.

    Hello Lorelle VanFossen,

    Thanks for your visit and your article. I’m really like your article and blog. All of your article that I found in your blog are really helpful for me.

    I like ur article “Blog Building: Who Controls Your Blog? You? Your Host?”. Actually, I’m thinking to move my blog to paid hosting. Now, I got one hosting from wodly.org via EngTech. I have setup my blog michaelsync.com on wodly. only things i left to do are changing the Name Server of my “michaelsync.net” domain to their server. and import all of my contents to my new blog … but I can’t decide whether I should move my blog to wodly or not.
    It would be so great if you can suggest me something about that.

    Thanks. Lorelle.

  3. Oh. I have a few questions..

    1. What are the facts about penalizing for outgoing link??

    Suppose: I have a lot of friends who are running non-english blog. (eg: burmese) If I link to one of their post, my blog may get penalized since Google might not know the language (eg: Burmese ) and might think that I’m linking to a post that doesn’t has proper content.
    Is it possible to happen like that??

    2. What is the ranking system for non-english??

    3. What would Google do if SEO guy do some contents mixed with links for promoting a particular site or blog?? a link list without content may get penalized. right? so, what if SEO guy put some contents (maybe. random paragraph or something) and link together?

  4. Exchanging a link is not badbut it depends upon which website you are exchanging with. Look for sites that have title and surronding content relevant to your link details. The page that you are exchanging with should have proper placement in its site’s link structure so that it is crawled frequently. A directory kind for structure on a site is good since each category has its own title.

  5. Hi nixan,

    Yeah. I agree too.. exchanging a link which is relevant to my blog is good.
    I may exchange a link with tech bloggers. but it won’t be for promoting my blog.

    Thanks a lot for your visit. nixan.

  6. hey i didn’t really know about this…
    well i don’t really exchange links…

    I think I have been here four times
    By the way, I really don’t know if there is anything wrong though…
    i am talking about my blog…

    good luck!

  7. >>By the way, I really don’t know if there is anything wrong though…
    Why?? Player error?? it’s okay. wendy. maybe. i dont have that plug-in for your audio player or maybe. my browser doens’t support your audio player.

    >>good luck!
    Thank you. wendy.

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