Backup your blog with Outlook 2007

When I posted this post in my blog, it reminds me one of the new features of Outlook 2007 called RSS Feed Reader. I started using this feature last month and I think that it’s not bad. You can simply add any RSS Feed to Feed reader of Outlook 2007. It will download all of your posts including comments as attachment in your pst file.

Let’s take a look how to do it.


Step #1: Open “Folder List” panel in Outlook. then, Right Click on RSS Feed Note as picture below. And Choose “Add a New RSS Feed”


Step #2: Type the url of RSS Feed that you wanna subscribe. And Click “Add”


Step #3: Click “Advanced..” button in this dialog.


Step #4: Check “Download the full article as an .html attachement to each item” in “RSS Feed Option” dialog. Then, Click “OK”.


Step #5: After clicking “OK” button in “Feed Option” dialog, you will see the previous dialog that you see in step #3. then, Click “Yes”. Then, Outlook will automatically start downloading all of items that are shown in RSS Feed to your Outlook.


After downloading, you can check each item by clicking “View article…” link.


That’s all. What do you think?

Note that you should set maximum number to RSS Count in “Syndication Feeds” option of your blog because Outlook is gonna download ONLY posts which are shown in the feed that you give.

As conclusion, it’s just alternative way of backing up our blog. It’s not very good way. As we, wordpress blogger, already have build-in “Import/Export” functionality in our blog, the best way would be exporting all of our posts as a xml file manually and save it in our machines. (But yes, people used to forget to do that. :) )

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  1. Hi Mike

    Thanks for your this Valuable post.
    I will try to back up my both blogs with outlook 2007.
    If I face with any difficulty, please teach me again naw.

    with regards,

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