The Songs of MYNP – my favorite band

This is the third time that I post music video in my blog. I would like to share some of my favorite songs with you all. Those song are performed by MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud) acoustic band from Philippine. They rock!!

M.Y.M.P. – Tell Me Where It Hurts by MYMP (MYX Live)


M.Y.M.P. – Especially For You


How is it? You can get it more of her songs here if you like it.. Hope, you like it. :)

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8 Replies to “The Songs of MYNP – my favorite band”

  1. :) haha.

    she looks great in this MTV and another vids “Tell me where it hurts” .. but not in all. i hav checked her website and found some of her photos. i think she doesn’t look that good in those photos of her website..

    but ya. i agree that she looks cool in this MTV.. :)

    hey. hav you listen “Tell me where it hurts” by MYMP? i like that song too…

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