StumbleUpon Rocks!


StumbleUpon Rocks! Someone submits one of my fav jokes to StumbleUpon on April 24, 2007. I got 1,312 page views on that day. Wow! (Chk-out my stat below!). This is the very first time that I got that much page views for a day. I’d like to say thank you so much to the one who submitted my post to Stumble and I wanna thank for those who are visiting my blog.

StumbleUpon Rocks!!

Why don’t you sign-up in StumbleUpon and submit your favorite post? Wishing you to get a million of visitors for your blog. Good Luck! :)

~ Mike

Updated on April 28th, 2007:

People on StumbleUpon like funny? :)

I think, Yes!. I created an account in StumbleUpon. I submitted some of my posts related to programming things. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that much page views. then, I realized that people from StumbleUpon may like jokes or funny things very much. It’s good anyway. :) I have a lot of jokes in blog. (here goes.) this one and that one are the most commented posts in my blog.

Updated on 3rd April, 2007


Updated on 21st May, 2007

LittleGreenFootballs Rocks too!! I got 4711 pageviews on 13rd May, 2007.. Thanks a lot. littlegreenfootballs!! :)


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  1. >>I think your blog will get PR6 soon if you keep writing jokes

    haha.. ya.. ppl like jokes.. actually, posting a joke is very easy. nothing to do research or even rephrase. If i got a nice joke somehow (maybe. forward mail) then need to post just like that.. :)

    anyway, i have internet connection at my home and i have more spare time then i wanna post some useful topics about blogging and tech things..

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