Tag Cloud Widget, new widget on WordPress.com

I have good news for today. Joseph Scott, the newest member of the Automattic team, announced that new Tag Cloud widget and a few new options for categories/achieves have been added to wordpress.com.

Clouds and Drop Downs said that ~

Now on to the news: another new widget, and a new option for a few others.

For those of you who are really into tag clouds you’re in luck, now you can display your blog categories as cloud using the new Tag Cloud widget.

If you aren’t into tag clouds, but still looking for something a little different in the way you display categories we have something for you too. The Categories and Archives widgets now have options to use a drop down menu. This will be especially helpful to those of you who want your categories and archives list to take up less room on the sidebar.

We, all wp bloggers, are waiting this widget for long time. Initially, engTech came up with his own program called Tag Cloud Generator that can generate a cloud of tags or categories for blogs which are hosted in wordpress.com. His/her (I’m not sure whether engtech is a guy or girl so “his/her” :) ) program is really cool and I like it. (you may check the demo here.) But the weak point of this generator is that it require manual synchronization between your categories of your blogs and the tag cloud that you have generated. I do understand that it has to be synchronize manually since wp.com doesn’t allow users to add any scripts in our blogs.

Now, brand new widget called Tag Cloud is available in widget panel as below pic. As wordpress guys added this widget into wp system, this widget doesn’t require any manual synchronizing and it already integrate with WordPress MU system. how cool it is!


(You can find this widget in Presentation of Admin-Bar>Widgets as usual. The term “Side bar” has been changed to “Widgets” in Presentation section of WordPress MU started from yesterday.)

Here is preview of Tag Cloud and new options of Categories/Archieves. (Ref: Clouds and Drop Downs)

Preview of Tag Cloud (WordPress.com)

I hope that you all have great time with this widget “tag cloud” in your blogs today. :)

Happy blogging! :)

More Informations about Tags/Tag Cloud ~

Updated: I have tried to add tag cloud in my blog but it doesn’t look good. :( It’s so sad.)


As Joseph Scott commented as below


Post a screen shot of what the tag cloud widget looked like, what was wrong with it, what you expected it to look like and what theme you were using.

Then drop me a note at http://joseph.randomnetworks.com/contact/ with the details. I’ll see what I can do.

I have posted a screenshot as below of what my tagcloud look like.


Actually, I would like to get a tagcloud like this one.

Tag Cloud

Thanks a lot. Joseph. I’m really glad that I got a comment from you. Josept. I used to post some of my wordpress problems in my blog but I never get any comment or reply from wordpress guys except wp guys did reply if I send a mail via feedback. Thanks again for your comment. and hope, there will be more cool ppl like you in Automattic team.

11 Replies to “Tag Cloud Widget, new widget on WordPress.com”

  1. Michael,

    Having the cloud be in the side bar presenting certain limitations for size. I went with the font sizes I thought would be readable to most people. Being able to adjust the font size range might be something that we add in the future.

    Posting problems on your blog isn’t the best place if you hope for one of use to see them. Use the feedback button on the dashboard or try out the forums.

  2. The tag cloud widget has been updated to allow adjustments to the minimum and maximum font percentage. It still might not be exactly what you were picturing, but it should be closer than before.

  3. Mike,

    What is the different between Tag Cloud and Tag Warrior ?

    Tag cloud is for categories ? Tag Warrior is extra tagging feature for WordPress ?

  4. >>What is the different between Tag Cloud and Tag Warrior ?
    those are the same things… but different plug-ins for different wordpress software (wordpress and wordpess MU)..

    Somtimes, what we mean by “Tag Cloud” is an noun. “Tag Cloud” means a cloud of tags. (You may check here.) Not about plug-in.

  5. ya. if you are using wordpress blogging software, just install Tag Cloud and Tag Warrior plug-in… it’s sample..
    let me know if you hav some probs in installing.

  6. Hey,
    Using this widget doesn’t appear to do anything but list the tags, not change their size or anything. There aren’t any options for it, so am I doing something wrong?

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