Last day of being a Grapecitizen

Today is my last day in Grapecity. I was working as a software engineer in that company for 2 years and 6 months. I’ve met with a lot of nice and friendly people. I really had great time with my team. Anyway, I like to go to other country and wanna work over there so that I made a choice to quit from my company. It’s so sad.

BBye. my friends. Please wish me good luck!! :)

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  1. Hi MelodyMaung,

    >>Now, where is your work?
    >>Have you already got a new job?
    Not yet. Im stil in Yangon.

    >>Wish all goes well with you!
    Thanks a lot. sis..

  2. Hey Mike,

    Best of Luck Man..Hope you have a great life in S’pore and achieve all that you wish. Take care and Keep in touch :)


  3. Just met you today via your post about “sitemeter” and now having read some of your other postings with enjoyment, and appreciating your sense of humor, wish you Godspeed and Good Luck in whatever new adventure you are embarking upon!

  4. hey mike…
    itz gr8 to hear tht..btw which is the new comp…guess itz sumwher in singapore…best of luck..

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