[Tips/Tricks] ASP.NET with SQL Reporting Services

1. Error Message ~ d:\xxxxx\yourwebproject\yourreport.rdl
The value expression used in query parameter ‘@xxx’ returned a data type that is not valid.

Solution ~

  • Remove this parameter from Parameter
  • Rebuild the solution
  • (If you are still getting this error) Close and Reopen Visual Studio IDE ***


2. Error Message ~ Parameter validation failed. It is not possible to provide valid values for all parameters. (rsParameterError) Get Online Help

Solution ~

  • Check “Has default” checkedbox in parameter lists of ReportViewer


3. Problem: Report doesn’t get updated.

Solution ~

  • Add another parameter like “Timestamp” in your viewer.
  • Pass a timestamp field to your report from code.

Note: If you don’t wanna see this parameter “Timestamp” in your reportviewer, put blank for this report. (Be sure that you  have installed all required service packs.)

6 Replies to “[Tips/Tricks] ASP.NET with SQL Reporting Services”

  1. when i got the “Parameter validation failed. It is not possible to provide valid values for all parameters. (rsParameterError) Get Online Help.” Error, i tried your solution… It did stop the error but i got a blank report… worse part is that it was working but sudenly it stopped working… i even tried re-doing the report in VS.net and i’m stuck … got any ideas? (im using a dataset Extension as a data source and ofline it works like a charm… )

  2. Have you specified the default value for your report? if your report got the value as the parameters then it will overrides the default value. If you don’t pass the parameter, the report will use the default value.. another thing is that you have to re-publish the updated report on the server after making changes…

    I haven’t tried using the dataset extension…. but i think it should works.

  3. I did infact try using a default parameter value (c:\xxxx.xml) … i works by showing the data inside the xml (its an xml file constructed by a script that has data from the tables as well as table names) although it wont show the embedded image file… but when i execute the report from within the app that feeds the data to the report i get back a blank report…

  4. Is it possible to trap this error with the report? I think what is happening in my case is the dataset returned by providing 2 (user selected) parameters is empty. I’d like to do a TRY CATCH here, but I do not know where to put it. Thoughts?

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