Blogging Tips for Novice Bloggers


This article is a collection of useful links for those who are new to blogging. Initially, I was thinking to write each and every tips by myself but there are a lot of cool articles about blogging so that I don’t need to repeat again. (I don’t want my blog to be a clone blog.) What I’m going to do here is that I will give you a collection links of useful articles written by professional bloggers (such as Lorelle VanFossen (Lorelle on WordPress), Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) and so on). One thing you should know is that it’s NOT like I just read one article and give it to you. I was spending so much time for reading about this in different blogs. All links that I’m giving you here are the best and my favorite. I believe that you will find it useful.

What is a blog/weblog?

  • Introduction to blogging by WordPress Codex : This article covers everything about blogging. It mentions very clear definition of blog, the differences between a blog and CMS, some important blogging vocabularies, some blogging tips and etc.
  • What is a blog? by ProBlogger : If you are still confused, I wanna suggest you to read this article written by Darren Rowse, the owner of He shares his own opinion and other people’s opinions about what a blog is in this article. You can get the definition of blog from different point of view.

The History of Blogging

Very important points you should know before start blogging

  • Blogging is kinda hard. Blogging is not for everybody. Blogging is harder than you think.I have seem a lot of people who left their blogs. They just lost their interest of blogging due to a lot of reasons. Actually, building a successful blog is really hard. It need time to build it up.
  • Your blog is not your diary. This is very important point that you should know before start blogging. Some people might say that blog is like online diary or something. I’m not agreed with that. There are some people who lost their jobs cuz of their blogs. EngTech wrote excellent post about 5 Reasons Blogging Leads to the Unemployment Line (You’re Fired!). ( I don’t wanna hear that you have arrested cuz of your blog. )

Okay. Now, you have some ideas about what you should know before jumping into blogging world.

Think about blogging platform

  • Chossing a blog platform : This article is written by the owner of It will give nice idea about which blog platform is right for you.

Are you gonna use free blogging software?

If you are gonna use free blogging software then the following list are very popular blogging platform. You can choose one of them.

Maybe, you might wanna read the comparison between those blogging service. Unfortunately, I don’t have the completed list. If you are interest about and blogger version 2, you can read my article “ Vs Blogger2“.

Note: If you choose to use then you can ask me if you have any problem in using wordpress. I’ve been here over 1 year. I think I might able to help you.


Paid-hosting is nice but not suitable for novice bloggers since you have to take care of everything. You have to know how to instal your blog, how to use FTP, security, bandwidth, domain name and configuration, budget and etc. However, you can do it if you want to. Don’t forget to read this article “Chossing a blog platform” again.

The following links might be useful for you ~

Advantages of having a blog (Why blog?)

As Engtech said in this post,


Those are the things that you should know before blogging. I believe that blogging is really nice. At least, you have something to do in your spare time.

There is one point that doesn’t include in this article. This is about driving traffic to you blog or promoting your blog or building a relationship with blog reader. I will write about this in another post. Please keep on waiting.

Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestion.

Thanks a lot.

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    i’m not professional blogger since I haven’t made any money with my blog..

    To be honest i never think someone as a pro because they create blog / making money from it. I always think someone as a pro because they provide value. for example .NET developer who own this blog :P

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  7. >>always think someone as a pro because they provide value. for example .NET developer who own this blog
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    >>And Thanks for your useful links.
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    >>Looking forward your writing about driving traffic to our blog or promoting our blog or building a relationship with blog reader in another post.
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