it has been a while…..

It has been a while that I was not able to come up new post in my blog. I’m really sorry to my readers. Now, I’m here to say what I was doing during these two months. Sorry if you think it’s a lit bit longer. :)

On the 12th of May, I was flying to new place that I wanna settle down. I started looking for a job in my new place with the help of some jobsearch engines on 15th May. I spent the whole morning for submitting my resumes to 30 companies (appx:) thru mail. It worked well. I received my first phone interview at this evening within the same day. I felt really good at that time (even it’s just normal phone interview).

The next day, I got another interview from another company and said that they want me to come down to their company for personal interview. I was so excited about my first personal interview and I couldn’t sleep very well at that night. I went there for personal interview next morning (17th May). (You can gues how excited I was. ) The interview was great. The manager from this company is really friendly and nice guy. We talked about 1 hours and I went back to my home. That company phoned me that I was cleared for first interview and told me to come back for technical interview at the evening. I went there again ( even the bus took me around 1.5 hours for one ride. ) This interview was great too as the first one. But one bad thing is that they can’t give me the salary that I asked during first three months. If they like my performance then I’ll be permanent stuff and will get the money that I asked for. I was a lit bit hesitated at that moment and told them that I’m gonna think about it and will let them know on next day. ( I know that they are gonna hire me if I agree with the salary that they asked.) The next day, they phoned me that they are gonna hire me (with the salary as they said) and they want me to send all of the copies of my documents (passport, certifications and etc ) on 18th of May. I accepted their offer even I was not so happy with the salary which is a lit bit less than that I expected. However, I felt great at that time because I got the job in very short time. ( I didn’t know that the story doesn’t end at that point. )

On 21st of May, I sent all of my copies to that company for applying spass or epass for me. Then, I was going around here and there since I had nothing to do. I got 3 or 4 phone interviews and 2 calls for personal interviews from other companies. Anyway, I have to cancel all interviews and I told them that I have already committed to the offer from one company and I will let contact them back if I have some problems with my company. My company called me to pick up some of technical books related to Microsoft Dynamic Nav and Share Point Software that I’m not very familiar and they want me to do a small project for their client. I went there to pick up those books, software and the requirement for project on 22nd May. I asked them whether they have applied my spass/epass or not. They said that they haven’t applied yet. (So, I was a lit bit disappointed and I was thinking why I need to read those books and do their project before they apply my spass/epass. ) I called to my company again on 23rd, 24th of May but they still had not applied yet. I was more disappointed about that since it has been 3 days. I decided that I’m not going to work in this weird company if I got another job. So, I called to another company that I canceled earlier and asked them whether I could come down for interview. They said that it’s okay and they want me to come for personal interview on 25th May. The interview was great too. They said that they will inform me on Monday (28th May) since their boss was not available at this moment. I got one more interview from another company called Abecha and I went there at the evening. It was good. They told me to come for 2nd interview on next day. Unfortunately, one of my friend phoned that there is some vacancies available for developer position in her company. She had submitted my resume to HR and her manager want me to come for personal interview on coming Monday.

On Monday (28th of May), I went to my friend’s company for interview. I took one technical test and personal interview in this company. Then, they said that I have been hired. It was a surprise. :) but one bad thing is that they won’t apply spass/epass for me and it’s needed to find the agent for applying spass/epass. ( Anyway, I’m happy that I got the salary more than I expected. :) ) My friend helped me to find the right agent that I need.

My agent submitted the application to MOM (Ministry of Manpower) on 29th May (not sure. maybe. 30th of May ). They said that I have to wait around 2 weeks to get my epass approved. Since there is no shortcut to get it, I enjoyed going around and it was fun. My pass is approved on 11st of June. (but i got only spass even I have applied epass since I have only a diploma. :( I got one fact. Sometimes, the thing that you think it’s no use does matter. ). I went to MOM to collect my spass on 13th June. Unfortunately, my agent wrote the wrong university name in the application. :((( it was really bad. MOM said that they are not able to issue my spass and I need to ask my company to send a mail for reassessment. Then, it took me 10 more days. (Otherwise, I got 10 more days for having fun in my new place. :) ) Then, I paid the charges for my card in MOM on 25th June but I had to wait 4 more days to collect my spass. Finally, I collected my card on 30th of June (with a lot of happiness.. )

I’m working in new company started from 1st of July. It has been two months that I was taking the rest without doing any job. (u know, it was fun. :) ) I miss my blog and my readers too much. But I dont have the internet connection in my room. (I’m posting this post from my downstairs.) I’ll get the internet connection on coming month and I hope that there will be new post(s) on my blog everyday started from Auguest…. :) So, dont forget my blog.. Come back!!! :)

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  1. Welcome back Mike! :) Hope everything goes well for you! :) Oh and in the next post [CAB problem in Vista] you’ve put Cab Installation Fucking problem in WV Premier or something… something to do with my post? :P

    Best of luck! :)

  2. Thanks. nyi..

    How are you doing? very long time no see. :) I remember my promise that I have to treat you YKKO kyay Oo.. :) dont worry. I will treat you after sometime :)
    I heard that you went back to mm… hows everything in mm???

  3. Yeah…It is more than one year since we met.

    I am ok here. We njoy YKKO Kyay Oe by ME. :)
    When you get back here for short visit, we can eat out and njoy. :)
    I remember you when we are go outing.

    I wish everything is ok at your side.

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