CAB Problem – “Smart Client Development May 2007″ template doesn’t show in Guidance Packages

One of my friend asked me that she was not able to find “Smart Client Development May 2007” template in Visual Studio 2005 – New Project Dialog. Then, I was looking for the solution and I got the solution as below. I hope it would be useful for those who are new to Smart Client Development.

Normally, the SCSF template should be shown as the following screenshot in Project Template dialog.

Project Template

But that template doesn’t show in template dialog then you have to follow the steps mentioning below to figure out the problem.

  • You have to check whether you have installed the corrected version of required software for SCSF (Smart Client Software Factory). In order to check what the required software are, click “Smart Client Software Factory – May 2007.msi”
  • Click “Check dependencis” button when the installer is loaded.
  • Checklist should be shown as picture below.

Smart Client Software Factory Installatin Checklist

  • All icons should be green icon. If not, you have to download the latest version of each setup files. and Install them in your machine before installing SCSF.
  • If you have installed the earlier version of those installers, I would recommend you to uninstall first. Note that you have to uninstall “Enterprise Library” before uninstalling Guidances Toolkit and Extension.
  • After uninstalling the old version, you can start installing the new version. Then check “check dependencies” which I mentioned in Step 1.
  • If it’s done, you should go to “Custom Setup”. Ensure that all checked boxes are checked as below.

Custom Setup

  • Then, Click “Next” to install.
  • After then, open Visual Studio 2005. Check the SCSF template in “New Project” dialog. (I hope you will get the template that you want. :) )

That’s all.. Hope it would help. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any problem. Thanks.

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