Please change my Feed URL in your feed reader

Hello All,

I have deleted my old feed URL because it has the extra word “sUNt” in the URL.

<> is new feed URL. I would like to encourage you to subscribe my new feed url as soon as possible. The old one will be deleted after this month. For the time being, the old feed will be redirected to new feed by using Feed Burner Service within this month.

I think that there might be some users who has subscribed to wp feed “”. It would be great if you can change this feed to my new one <>. Because feedburner allow me to see how many people has subscribed to my feed while wp feed doesn’t.

Thanks a lot. Sorry for inconveniences.
~ Michael Sync

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  1. u know wat, im not able to access chatting (esp: gtalk) and blog/news groups from my office.. so, * or * can’t be accessed ….

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