How many Google Products do you use everyday?

When I was reading the list of Google acquisitions and their products in Wiki, I got a thought to think about how many Google products I’m using everyday. I’m not just using Google for searching something on Internet. I’m using a lot of other products from Google too.

The list of Google Products that I use everyday

#1. iGoogle ( also known as “Google Personalized HomePage” ) + Search Engine (Of course!)

This is one of my favorite features of Google. iGoogle allow me to add the feed and Google Gadgets in my personalzied page. It make me very easy to check my email, my feed and etc in one place.. ( I’ll share the list of Google Gadgets that I used everyday. )

Note: Sometimes, I used to use Google Blog Search, Image Search, Video Search and Google group too but not so often.

#2. GMail + talk

Even though there are a lot of free email services, I’m still in love with Gmail. :) Very clean and attractive interface.

#3. Google Reader + Google Gear

Actually, I used to use “Firefox Toolbar Feed Reader” for reading the blogs’ feed. The problem with this FS feedreader is that it’s difficult to manage for so many feeds. So, I have changed to Google Reader that I think it’s nice.

#4. Google Note

#5. Google App

This is my email host for my blog “”.

#6. Google Alert

I’m using this for tracking the incoming link of my blog and finding some news that I interest.

#7. Google News

Wow! There are 7 Google products that I use everyday.. I’m using blogger for reading some of my freinds’ blogs. I’m planning to use Google Absences and Google WebMaster tool also after moving my blog to self-host.

What about you? How many Google products do you use everyday?
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4 Replies to “How many Google Products do you use everyday?”

  1. For me, I have to add google desktop. I’m using it as an eyecandy(photos), reminder(to do, calender), and also a vista-sidebar-substitute since my computer can’t run vista.

    (Thank you for your warning me about google desktop uploading files,but, does it still occur if i turn off ‘advanced features’ and ‘search across computers’?
    …And thanks again for linking to my blog :)

  2. >>thanks again for linking to my blog
    mwc. neolwin.. :)

    >>Nice post.
    Thanks a lot. shalini. :)

    >>I only use Google search, mail and alerts.
    ya. those are very good services that I’m also using…

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