Why I blog

This is a post that I wrote as a guest blogger in Myo Kyaw Htu’s blog.

Hello my name is Michael Sync. I’m currently running my personal blog on wordpress.com. I was invited by Myo Kyaw Htun to write one post about why I do blogging.

Sharing things

The reason why I blog is simple. I’m the one who believes in the concepts of sharing. And I believe that blogging is the best way of sharing things with everybody over the World. Before I had no idea about blogging, I used to email to my friends with the subject of “Sharing our knowledge” for sharing things if I think those are useful or cool. The most of emails that I sent at that time were the tip/trick, problems and solutions that I found in my real projects. I believe that all of my emails will help when they are in the same situation that I faced. So, you can say that I’m blogging for sharing things with everybody.

Keeping things as references

The another advantage for posting those tips/tricks in my own blog is that I can use them as a reference when I forget.. :) Initially, I used to keep as a note in text files or word files. but I lost everything when my harddisk crashed. I wanted a place where I put all of my valuable things that I loved without worrying anything. Blog came across for this need. I can put everything and it will serve me back immediately no matter where I’m. So, this is the second reason. I’m blogging for keeping things for my owns references.

Improving my writing skill

Another reason why I’m blogging is that it’s for improving my writing skill. Honestly, I’m not that interest in memorizing the vocabularies and a tons of rules of grammar. (maybe, there are a lot of mistakes in this article too. did you notice that? :) ) So, I know that I’m not gonna write anything if I don’t do blogging. (No writing means no improvement.) Now, I have a blog so that I could write something.

Expressing my feeling, thoughts and opinions.

Everybody has feeling. Sometimes, we feel so happy. but sometimes, sad. We need someone to talk and share the feeling and things. I would say that blogging is very good for that purpose too. You don’t need to kick the dog if you angry with your boss. You can go and blog about your feeling. There will be somebody who wanna share your feeling. At least, it will make you feel better. So, I’m blogging for expressing my feeling, thoughts and opinions.

Exploring the world and different cultures

I have a dream to go around the World. :) I wanna know with people from different countries and I wanna learn about their different cultures. Because, it make me see things from different points of view and it will make my life better. But going around the world is not that easy. The easy way to get to know with people from different locations is blogging. Now, I got a lot of friends from different countries because of my blog. So, I would say that I’m blogging for exploring the world and different cultures.

Source of extra income

Blogging is the source of extra income. :) but I haven’t done anything to earn money with my blog.However, I’m kinda interest about it.. :)

Okay. That is all about. I would like to say thank you to Ko Phyo for inviting me to write this post here. And, thank you all for reading my post.

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