3 thoughts on “Sliverlight Vs Flash

  1. Nice thanks for the link.

    I really don’t understand why Microsoft cannot be first in anything. Let’s take for example .Net. Java was here first and it is the same basic principle. another example is the sidebar or desktop widgets, Konfabulator was here first. Now is silverlight, and obviously flash was here first.

    I feel sometimes that I am working with second hand technologies. don’t get me wrong I love .Net, but still.

    Anyways, thanks for the like, it was good.

  2. I believe that this is the way how Microsoft works. :) they are not going to start any cool thing but they will buy or clone or adopted the cool things and will make as their products. then, those products will be better or popular than the original one. :)

    anyway, I love .net too.. and I love microsoft..

    I feel sometimes that I am working with second hand technologies

    haha.. Yeah. it’s true.
    but it is okay for me as long as they are giving very easy and powerful tools (even those tool are in second hand technologies. :) )

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