Firebug 1.1 (beta)

John J Barton from Firebug team announced that Firebug 1.1 (beta) has been released yesterday (12th September, 2007).

Download :

What’s new in Firebug 1.1 (beta)
Release Date: 12th September, 2007

  • broswer-cache indicator
  • eval() debugging,
  • external editor interface,
  • browser-generated event handler debugging,
  • executable lines marked with green line numbers,
  • user-controlled naming of eval() buffers,
  • Stack side panel on “Script” panel for callstack,
  • Script->Break On Top Level, like break on next
  • Supports Firefox 3,
  • “better” debugging icons,
  • CSS errors report against source lines,
  • bug fixes (incl. issues 8, 69. 230, 239)
  • Internal firebug debug output

Release Note :

The Firebug tutorials that I’m currently writing is focus on Firebug 1.05. but now we got new version of Firebug. So, I’m gonna play around with this beta for a while. I’ll update my previous article with new version if that beta is stable and I will continue in writing that series.

Updated on 13th September, 2007~ I have played around with this new version lately.  I found it very unstable. So, I think it is better if we wait a lit bit for stable version. For the time being, I will continue writing this tutorial focusing on version 1.05.

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  1. Very briefly played around with the Firebug 1.1 beta (running in FireFox this morning while using your console tutorial. Kept getting “console not defined” errors in Firebug when trying to use console.log. Switched back to the 1.05 version of Firebug and the console.log type commands all worked as advertised.

  2. Yah Yosi. There are some problems in that beta…. seems like we have to wait a lit to get the stable version..

    I think that it is better if I continue writing the tutorial with Firebug 1.05.

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