Unsleepable “Widget-friendly” Theme for self-host wordpress bloggers

If you are a fan of Unsleepable theme, you may download the widget-friendly version of that theme here. If you wanna know more about this modified theme, please take a look the FAQ below.

Download : Unsleepable Widget-friendly Theme

Unsleepable Widgetized

What is Unsleepable “Widget-friendly” Theme ?

Unsleepable “Widget-friendly” theme is the modified version of Unsleepable Theme created by Ben Gray for wordpress.org. As this theme is widgetized, you will be able to customize the sidebars of your blog in very simple way. If you are moving your blog (which is using “Unsleepable” theme) from wordpress.com to self-host, you may probably wanna download this theme.

Why did you want to modify this theme?

Actually, there are some differences between the “Unsleepable” theme from wordpress and the original “Unsleepable” theme created by Ben Gray. When I moved my blog to Dreamhost, I downloaded the original theme and started using it for my blog.. Unfortunately, the original theme is not widget-friendly and not like the one that I used in wordpress.com. So, I modified the way I like. :)

What changes did you make?

Here is the list of changes that I made ~

  • Make it “widget-friendly” : This is the main reason why I modify this theme. It helps people to customize the sidebar of their blogs in very easy way.. just drag and drop.. and done!
  • Show the title of blog instead of “Unsleepable” theme : The original image looks good but the name of our blogs is not “Unsleepable”.
  • Make a lit bit wider : According to the stats report of my blog, the most of visitors are 1024×768 resolution so I make this theme a lit bit wider.
  • Remove “Social bookmarking” : As I widgetize this theme, the images for social bookmarking are no longer available.
  • Remove “Live Search”
  • Remove “BottomBlock”
  • Remove “two logos” from footer
  • UPDATED on 20th Oct, 07 : Enabled the comment for page. (The original theme doesn’t show the comment for pages by default. )
  • UPDATED on 20th Oct, 07 : The UI for K2 Option has been removed.

Did Ben Gray, the original author of this theme, know about your modified theme?

Yes. Of course. I have informed him and got his permission to make my modified theme downloadable. (Thanks a lot, Ben.)

What would you like to say about your modified theme?

Well, Thank you so much for reading my blog and downloading this theme. I would like to say “sorry” if my modification is not so good. (I’m not PHP guys and I know nothing about WordPress APIs. ).

Feel free to let me know if you have any comment or suggestion. If you like this theme, thanks to “Ben”.

15 Replies to “Unsleepable “Widget-friendly” Theme for self-host wordpress bloggers”

  1. Updated: The original Unsleepable theme disable the comments for page by default. I re-enabled this for the modified theme… Thanks to Ben for helping me to enable the comment for page.

  2. Wow! Kool! ;)

    I’ve been meaning to enable the comments on pages in my theme too but I don’t like the styling that it gives for the pages…. :(

  3. Hi Michael, thank you for reply :)

    :) So… it is no more modified K2 Mod? It is a theme that looks like UNSLEEPABLE K2 Mod (didn’t find a word that it is not K2 Mod)
    Do you plan to return K2.0 (i think it is question for Ben ;) ) when it will be final? Yesterday i wrote him, but now he has modified pages and can’t see any comments under Unsleepable.

    Have a nice weekend.

    – Oct 20

  4. Hi Michael,

    Can I please ask how you modified it so it shows the title of the blog intead of the ‘unsleepable’ graphic?

    I would like to do that myself please but have no idea how!

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