Happy Birthday CodeProject!

Today is our very special day for our Codeproject fans. Because our lovely tech site is 8th year old now. If you are one of CP fans, please say “Happy B’day” to CP.

Happy Birthday to you!

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!!

8th Year Birthday!!!

Chris Maunder said

We’re 8! Or 56 in dog years. And about 157 in internet years.

8 years ago on this day Dave and I, in the basement of a restaurant at the corner of Dundas and Islington in Toronto, while shouting over the sound of the evenings veal being hammered, turned on our first server – a dual 350MHz beast – and launched The Code Project.

At the time my experience with web development was all PHP on Linux but between us we knew that a) ASP can’t be that hard, b) web development is about presenting content, not presenting the source code underneath, and c) I would be flying home to Australia in 3 days and 24hrs of flying and a good, thick book on ASP should do me fine to learn all I’d need to know.

In the first week we had 36 articles, in a month we had 148 articles and in a year we had 881 articles.

In the 8 years since we’ve gathered over 17,000 articles, had 4.7 million members register, have 3.3 million of them revisit us each month, and have learned and seen a lot. Some good, some sad, some mystifying, and some so absolutely ridiculous that we’ve vowed we will write a book.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has contributed: from Uwe who gave us our first scripts, the authors like Marc and Nish who have contributed a ton of articles for the community, to the guys and girls on the boards answering the questions and, most importantly, to every single person who steers newbies in the right direction with kind words; who provides help on posting articles; who try their hardest to uphold this loose set of rules we run the site by and who emails myself or a staff member to raise the alarm if something breaks. And also to everyone who has submitted even a single article, answered even a single question, or has spread the word to their colleagues and friends and who in turn has helped bring together an amazing community.

Thank you.

And, even though I say this every year, we’re only just starting. Next year will be huge.

Chris Maunder
CodeProject.com : C++ MVP

Thank you so much, Chirs. I’ve been there since last three years and I used to participate in the forum (esp: ASP.NET, Web development and C#) whenever I have some free times. I really have a great time with you all. Thank you so much for running such a great site.

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  1. Awesome – 8 years! That’s quite a bit of time considering the tides and turns of the internet, as well as its somtimes volatile nature.

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