Liz called me an SOB

Liz at Successful blog (one of top blogs about blogging) gave me the Official SOB award yesterday. <link> I’m really happy to receive this award and this is my first time that I receive an award for my blog.

SOB (Successful and Outstanding Blogger) Award

What is SOB?

SOB stands for Successful and Outstanding Bloggers. This award is for those who are contributing a lot of great resources to the community and their readers. If you want to know more details about this award, you can read this link (What is an SOB? )

How to become an SOB?

The short answer is that you have to do something useful for other people. then, let liz know about your blog and what you contributed for community. That’s all. She will come and visit your blog. Then, she will decide whether she should call you an SOB or not.

Here is what Liz wrote about this in her blog ~

If You Want to Be an SOB

Find a way to start a dialogue about how blogging helps business, or carry the dialogue here back to your own blog. Offer a great feature, post, idea, or an article that will shed new light for the blogosphere. Add an outstanding idea, insight, or spark to the conversation going on at this blog or start one on your own and share what happened here. Contribute something that demonstrates that you think like a Successful and Outstanding Blogger. Find a unique way to “add value” to the conversation going on in the blogosphere to make it grow stronger.

Then just tell me about it. I’m pretty easy to persuade. E-mail Liz at with a link to your post or a brief description of what you did.
That’s all there is to it.

Every SOB is automatically included in the SOB Hall of Fame. Stop in there when you’re looking for a great read.

Can’t wait until I can call you an SOB too.

The following post are the most popular posts of my blog and those are the reason that I become an SOB.

Technical Articles

Firebug Tutorials ( This tutorial is featured in the most of popular post of and the best links in Smashing Magizine. )



Thanks a lot for giving me this award, Liz.

23 Replies to “Liz called me an SOB”

  1. Hey Ko Mike,

    Congratulations!! We, our Myanmar bloggers, are pround for you.. keep it up!! You are the man, buddy!! :)

  2. Thanks a lot, Kyawsoe and Anna Vester…

    I’ve been to your blog too.. your blog is amazing.. I read about your goal for 2008.. Good luck..

    Wake up at 6:30am during workdays

    haha. I can’t wake up at that time… :) I used to wake up at 8:00. but trying to wake up at 7:30

  3. Thanks, buddy. :) hey, btw, the RSS count is raised in our blogs.. I’m not so sure whether those are actual count or not. Problogger said that there is some problems in feedburner..

    btw, I’m facing one problem …. I’m thinking to put ads in my feed too.. As I’m using Feedburner, I enabled FeedFlare in my account and placed the js code in my theme.. but ads doesn’t show in my feed. Instead, it shows the footer of first post of my blog..

    Do you have any idea about that??

  4. Hah, All my life, people have been calling me SOB, and I didn’t even know I was a Successful and Outstanding Blogger. Thanks for clearing that for me ;-)

    Hey Congrats!

  5. Hey Mike,


    Firstly, What is SOB?
    How is that? I know it as …. hahaha
    After I read your post, Cool! SOB stands for Successful and Outstanding Bloggers.
    Cheers! Keep it up my bro.

  6. >>I think Ben was also thinking the same as you think.. :)<<

    Michael, I know what a “SOB” is, I was just messing with you, when I read the title “Liz called me an SOB”. :-)

  7. I wonder’s why you feedblare did not work ?

    There is another way that you can apply feedburner’s ads program to this email I heard that feed count should be more than 1000 or something like this.

    But, don’t worry Google Adsense’s “adsense for feeds” program will come soon.

  8. Ben,

    was just messing with you,



    wow!! congrats!

    thanks. sis


    don’t worry Google Adsense’s “adsense for feeds”

    I think it’s already there, right? When I go to Monetize page, it ask me to login my Google Ads account. so, i thought it might be google ads for feed.. i’m not so sure about that….
    Have you tried putting ads in your feed? man let me know if it’s working for you..

    you guys, thanks a lot for visiting my blog… I’m really busy this week and I hope I can post one new post on this sunday..

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