Download Flash file with RealPlayer

I wrote about how to download Flash file using Download Helper, the firefox addon, long time back. but I didn’t use that much since it doesn’t support some of my video sites that I want to download.

Recently, I downloaded the latest version of RealPlayer and subscribed the Superpass with unlimited access. I found that Realplayer is not only a powerful player but also the downloader that can download the movie (flash version) from any website with just one click. I think Realplayer is pretty impressive. I’m kinda like it.

Okay, back to the topic, I will tell you how to download the flash movie using Realplayer..


  • Go to any movie website that you like.
  • Move over the movie object then “Download This Video” link will be shown at the top-right side of media player.
  • Click on this link

RealPlayer Download This Video

  • RealPlayer Download and Recording Manager will be shown as the picture below.

RealPlayer Download and Recording Manager

  • It will take some time depend on the internet connection that you use and other configurations.
  • If the downloading is completed, “Play” and “Remove” link will be shown. If you want to play the video, just click “Play” link at the right-side of RP D&R manager.

RealPlayer Download Complete

  • Realplayer will be opened and you can watch the video that you have downloaded. That’s all. Cool, isn’t it?

RealPlayer Open in Realplayer

You can find those downloaded videos under this path “C:\Users\(Your User Name)\Videos\RealPlayer Downloads\”. And also, you are able to change the path as you like in “Preferences” dialog of Realplayer.

I hope you are gonna like it. :) btw, Real Online Movie Library is not that good (at least for me) . I was looking for something like that but the problem is that they are not able to add new movies (not episode or TV-series) in their library. So, the idea for opening online movie library with low subscription fees is good but they can’t effort to make this happen until now.

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10 Replies to “Download Flash file with RealPlayer”

  1. My RealPlayer recorded flash files fine until I upgraded to Adobe Flash Player 10.

    I am so frustrated now. I want to uninstall the upgrade!

  2. Useless to uninstall FLASH 10. The old FLASH players will not play FLASH 10, requests upgrade to view material. Let’s hope Real Player finds a fast solution.

  3. That is not how you download a flash video in Realplayer. On flash videos, no option comes up to download via realplayer, it forces you to have to use a flashplayer download add on.

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