Tip: Current version of Silverlight is 2. Not 2.0

Did you know that the current version of Silverlight is “2” beta1. (Not 2.0 )

Silverlight 2 beta 1 is out for a while now but people are still using Silverlight “2.0” in some of their blogs. Seems like they are not aware of what happened to Silverlight version these days.

I noticed about this changes when Yi-Lun wrote “Silverlight 2 (not 2.0)” in one post of Silverlight forum. I was wondering why 2? why not 2.0 that we are familiar with. I didn’t keep silent and I did ask him about that. So, he forwarded me the response from Microsoft Marketing team as below.

In general both Expression and Silverlight are trying to stick with much less geeky product version names and numbers. For example we use ‘Preview’ instead of ‘CTP’. Version 2 instead of 2.0, etc.

At this moment the shipping release of Expression and Silverlight aren’t yet aligned. Expression Blend 2 supports the shipped Silverlight 1 release for example. Silverlight 2 is such an important release for our users that we are committing to shipping a version of Expression Blend before Expression Blend 3 concurrent with the formal release of Silverlight 2. As this will ship before Expression Blend 3, we need to call it something. Thus Microsoft Expression Blend 2.5.

This response will clear all of our questions related to the version of Expression Studio, Blend and Silverlight. I think it’s good to know. That’s why I’m sharing about this with you all. Thanks to Yi-lun.

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