Silverlight Rich Text Editor (Demo)

Update You can download the latest version of sample that works with Silverlight 2 beta2 from this link.

Demo 1: Live Demo

Download: (1.00 MB)

Demo 2: Live Demo

Note: After not getting so much feedbacks from you guys, I realized that you guys really want to see the online demo that you can play around. So, we created those demos for you guys in very short time.. I haven’t implemented all features of Silverlight Rich Text Editor in my sample since I’m really busy these days. I will
keep on updating the demo.. Please feel free to let us know if you have any comment or suggestion.. You can also report a bug in this link.


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  1. This is excellent. I hope people don’t compare this to the Ajax rich text editors. It took years for those to be developed and a lot of people finding solutions to the various challenges. Right now you’re working alone.

  2. Thanks..

    I would say that it is just a POC thing for Silverlight. As of now, Chris is the only one who is working on the control. I’m doing testing and creating demos and giving the suggestion for improvements. Some features that are available in Ajax Rich Text Editor won’t be available in our control due to a lot of reasons. (even some features (e.g. strikethrough doesn’t support in Silverlight))..

    And also, we don’t want to spend that much time on that control since we don’t know what Microsoft will give in next release of Silverlight. We will see what we can do when we get beta2. :)

  3. Finally a rich text editor for Silverlight, nice :-)

    I am interested in the copy and paste features, if we happen to use this editor or a similar editor in our applications in the future, we will be interested in copy and paste content from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Internet Explorer.

    We have applications with rich text editors based on Microsoft InfoPath, and we noticed that our users usually copy and paste content from Word documents, or excel sheets, we also have user coping and pasting financial information from the internet to the rich text box.

  4. I don’t know if this works. If you can access the word specific clipboard information it should. But currently I will only get plain text through java script…

    Someone got an idea how to get this office formatted text from clipboard?

  5. >>Someone got an idea how to get this office formatted text from clipboard?

    I think there are some RTF to HTML converter… We can create one RTF to XAML converter when we get the XAML specification for Silverlight.

  6. Dear Mr Sync,

    I am Senior Project Manager in a mid size German IT company providing content management solutions for well known global customers.
    I did not find a contact address on your website, so I am using the blog for establishing contact.
    I have signed a contract on my desk for a web based interface under Safari, firefox, IE. One objective of this contract is editing of specific XML.
    We are currently searching for an optimal solution for our customer (who already committed his interest in Silverlight) and came across your demo und tested it. We do have specific requirements as well as issues resulting from testing your development you might already be working on.
    We could develop such a component on our own, but buying a standardized or individually adapted implementation externally would also be a serious option.

    Should you be interested in discussing our requirements please come back to me soon, the latest within two weeks.

  7. Hi Fallon,

    oh! sorry about that.. I will upload tonight.. act, i hav added the code for dropdownlist taht’s why I haven’t uploaded it yet. anyway, i will upload it tonight..

    I was really busy with hunting new job these days. :( as I’m working as a contract stuff, my contract will be ended at the end of this month. my mgr asked to renew but i’m not oaky with my agent. so, hopefully, i will get new job soon.. :)

  8. Thanks Michael, I wish I had time to look at it.

    Now that this rushed out Beta 2 has hit, it has broken EVERYTHING I’ve been working on. It’s almost like starting over(except I’m a lot smarter).

    I get the feeling they were working hard to live up to the “end of the week” statement by Bill Gates. Everything is screwed up, and even the documentation sucks worse than Beta 1, NO DATAGRID docs in the release, though they have updated it on the SDK site.

  9. Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is now supported… Please download the latest release on CodePlex!

  10. Wonderful! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

    Question: I wasn’t able to find details on seting the Link element (Name, URL, Hint) – initially, upon creation, but also whenever it needs to be edited. I need to implement some customized Link elements and I need to do the changes in a popup window.

    Any advice/ code sample will be greatly appreciated.

    Congratulations again!


  11. Today Microsoft released Silverlight 2.0 and the demos wouldn’t run. They want to see the beta Version. Somehow this problem is old, but apparently can be avoided. There are 1.0-Application running on 2.0 (and beta), others produce the “Get Silverlight”-picture/link. It can’t be a very good idea, to prevent running the app on a *newer* version.

  12. The Lords of Silverlight humbly request that you upgrade your demo from the beta to the RTW. at least that’s what microsoft’s site said.

  13. i am using this rte for silverlight 2.0, but its not working…

    text area not allowing to write any text or any operation, none of event also called there…is any solution ?

    is anybody used this rte for silverlight 2.0


    Bhavesh Patel

  14. When I tried your demo, it said “install Silverlight” and presented a link. I clicked the link and the MS page said that I have Silverlight 3 and I am all set– but, your demo does not run. Maybe it is just the test for Silverlight that needs to be updated in the demo?

  15. I have tried to view the demo1 in chrome and it is saying that silver light plugin is missing(some older version), but i am latest on my system.

  16. This demo is created in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha or Silverlight 2 beta.. Silverlight already have a build-in RichTextbox so you should probably use it instead of our control..

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