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Can I use Silverlight 2 beta1 for commercial application?

This is just a small (but interesting) post that I wanna share with my reader.

Someone from Codeproject forum said that they want to release their commercial application (which is written in Silverlight 2 beta) at the end of May. <link>. I was a lit bit surprise. a) AFAIK, it’s not allowed people to use SL2 beta1 for commercial application. b) a lot of people are so excited about Silverlight and they even started doing their commercial projects with beta1. I’m not sure what they gonna do when they know that they can’t use SL2beta1 for commercial application.

So, I wanna share what I heard from some MS guys regarding this question.

Ashish from Microsoft said that ~

Here is a rough timeline:
Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 (Q1CY08 with limited (non commercial) Go-Live)
Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 (Q2CY08 with Go-Live)
Silverlight 2.0 RTM (Summer 2008) – Exact timing TBD

Tom Taylor from Microsoft Silverlight Team said that ~

The license in the current version of Silverlight 2 (beta 1) does not allow for commerical use. This will change for Silverlight Beta 2, and obviously for the final release.

Hope it is clear for you. Happy Silverlighting!

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  1. I wouldn’t mess with MSFT. When they say “No Commercial” they mean it. And this was clear from the very start when Beta 1 came out. So, I would release anything till this issue is clear! Just my two cents!


  2. Hi Ben,

    >>this was clear from the very start when Beta 1 came out

    I’m not sure how it was so clear from very beginning. I didn’t see any FAQ page where they mention that it’s not allowed to use for commercial application. The following is what they wrote in “Get Started” page.

    Beta 1 is not meant for mission critical applications. While Microsoft recommends companies begin to experiment and build with the Beta to ensure applications can be deployed on subsequent releases, there is also a Go-Live license available for Silverlight 2 Beta 1 for early adopters.

    When I read this, I don’t feel like it’s not allowed people to use Silverlight 2 beta1 for commercial application.. (not sure ESL problems or not :) ) It’s like we can use it at our own risk.. I think it’s not just me. There are a lot of people who are confusing about that. (Yes. Of course, I know about that at the very start since I’m participating in SL forum..)

    I just wish MS should simply wrote “Bata1 is not for commercial application” in that page.. :)

  3. >>I just wish MS should simply wrote “Bata1 is not for commercial application” in that page..<<

    Hopefully, this thing will be the thing of the past soon and we all can use/deploy Beta 2. I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed :-)

  4. Hello Odi,

    Thanks for informing me… Like Tom said in forum, I will wait for beta2 anyways…

    its good if you guys can request a special commercial go-live for beta1.. otherwise, you will need to change your website. :)