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  1. If i download the zip and load it into VS2008, I get errors because the property “Name” isn’t qualified in the x xml namespace. Is there something I need to configure on my end or do I just need to qualify each occurrence of “Name”? Thanks — Tom

  2. Hello Tom,

    No need to configure on your end. Just download and extract it in your machine. then, open it in VS 2008.. That’s all…

    Did you modify something? Are you getting this error at runtime or design time? Can you give me full error message?

  3. Hi Tom,

    You can leave those errors… If you take a look at the sourcecode (MixControl) from Microsoft, you will see the same error. Just take a look at generic.xaml from Controls.Data project..

    I think it’s by-design issue so far… You will have to leave them … Please try to compile and run the app… You will able to do that without any problemm..

  4. Hi,
    I am working with silverlight 2.0. While opening the solution it show that “This project was developed previous version of silverlight. Do you to upgrade now”. If click yes it shows error in grid column name. Please upgrade the project
    Thank you.

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