Silverlight – Community Recognition Program

Community Recognition Program is launched on today. This program is a kinda rating system that can tell you who contribute the most in the forum. Unlike Top Answerers Rating System, it will count from the day that you started contributing.

There are five levels as below in the system.

Please read “How to earn points” in this link.

You can also check-out the list of contributers in this page “Hall of Fame“. The following is the list of current high rated contributers in our forum. Yes. I’m one of them. :) but I’m not allowed to create a content or moderate the posts in our forum. Hopefully, I will be invited to do those things in future. Even though it’s not an award or etc, I’m happy to see my own name in the list. I will be contributing more for the community.

Thanks. ( Hey Ben, Thank you so much for mailing this information to me this morning! )

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