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Silverlight 2 beta1? Yes. I know Silverlight 2 beta2 is out but let me post this one as the last post of Silverlight 2 beta1.

I’ve been reading Dave’s Silverlight Cream since long time back and I have the list of links that I like the most from his blog. I don’t want to throw away those valuable links even those are no longer with with Silverlight 2 beta 2 (the latest version of SL 2 so far).

So, I create this post and I will try to port those samples to Silverlight 2 beta2 if the original developers haven’t converted them yet. You can also participate in converting those samples. I really appriciate your help and it will be more faster and more helpful for our community. So, please feel free to let me know if you know any link of latest source code or you want to participate in converting those samples.

The following links are the best link (in my opinion ) from Silverlight Cream.


InnerGlow Effect For Silverlight 2 Beta 1

URL :…/innerglow-effect-for-silverlight-2-beta-1.aspx

InnerGlow Effect For Silverlight 2 Beta 1  By : Tim Rule

Tim wrote great article about creating “Inner Grow” effect in Silverlight. You can also take a look at the demo in his blog. He also wrote a few great articles Scale 9 Image for Silverlight, Spline Based Animation Helper, Drop Shadow Effect for Silverlight 2 Beta 1,

Dynamic Image Generation in Silverlight

URL :…image-generation-in-silverlight.aspx

Joe Stegman came up with really amazing trick that generate the image dynamically with Silverlight. His trick is totally awesome and unique within our Silverlight community. Noone has even done that kinda trick like that before.

Note: The code is updated for Silverlight 2 beta2. Here is new updated sample.

Water Ripples with Silverlight 2


Lars Godejord created this great demo “Water Ripples with Silverlight” based on Joe Stegman’s Dynamci Image Generation Technique, 2D Water Algorithm and Rick Barraz’s Decode BMP Algorithm.I would say this demo is really impressive. Good Job, Lars!


Rich Text Editor




This control is created by David Anson for showing XPS document on Silverlight application. You can also use this control for showing Microsoft Office File after converting them as a XPS document.

HTML Text Block


This is another control created by David Anson for displaying HTML on Silverlight object. It’s pretty cool. I wanna extend some features from this control. maybe, we create HTML-to-XAML converter Library or something in future.

Glowing Glass Buttons


Windows Media Skin


VISIFire – Silverlight Chart Control




Control Skin : Ux Musing

Tutorial: Writing a Templated Silverlight 2 Control : Shawn Burke

Silverlight Control Contracts

Silverlight Control Hierarchy

Developing a Custom Control for Silverlight 2.0 : Attila Hajdrik


Woodgrove Bank


Note: I got those images from this link.

This site is completely written in Silverlight 2. If you have Silverlight 2 beta1 installed, you can play the live demo here. You can also download the whole source from this link. Here is the video about this application.

Silverlight Session Scheduler


Tools and Libraries

Silverlight Spy

Silverlight Spy provides detailed XAML inspection of any Silverlight application. Use the built-in browser to navigate to a web page. Silverlight Spy will automatically pick up any Silverlight application embedded in the page and display it in the XAML Explorer. The XAML Explorer presents the UI element..

Note: This code is already updated for Silverlight 2 beta2.


agTweener provides a toolkit for Silverlight designers and developers to achieve animation and transition effects similar to toolkits currently available for Flash/Flex developers by defining transition effects in .NET code and applying these effects to any FrameworkElement.

Note: This code is already updated for Silverlight 2 beta2.

SharpZibLib for Silverlight

Do you want to play with zip files in Silverlight? Please take a look at the link above. I think this is the one that you are looking for. Thank you, Rob!

SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser Tool….aspx

SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser is a simple application that automatically extracts the default styles from an assembly’s generic.xaml, lists the available control styles, and presents them in an easy-to-browse manner with syntax highlighting, automatic formatting, and expandable/collapsible nodes. The common scenario of copying a Style or Template is made easy by two dedicated buttons that do just that!


Silverlight HTTP Networking Stack

The following is the tutorial series written by Karen Corby.

Pushing Data to a Silverlight Client with Sockets

Do you want to learn about how to use Socket in Silverlight? I’d like to recommend you to take a look Dan Wahlin’s tutorial part1 and part 2. Additionally, you can also check-out Mike Taulty’s article “Silverlight 2 & Sockets” that he wrote when you was bored in his hotel room. :)

My Silverlight application cannot access my service! :        Tim Heuer



Unit Testing with Silverlight : Scott Guthrie


Silverlight unit testing and JavaScript : Laurent  Bugnion





Siverlight Security : Joe Stagner

Silverlight 2 Beta 1 Path and File Resolution : Pete Brown (POKE)

Xap! App! Pow! Packaging and Application Startup in Silverlight 2 Beta 1 – Part 1 and 2 : Pete Brown

Tip of the Day: Routed Events – Bubbling and not… : Jesse Liberty…routed-events-bubbling-and-not.aspx

Using HitTest Method in Silverlight 2 for Collision Detection : Andy

Silverlight 2: Demystifying URI references for app resources : Ashish

built-in Styling and generic.xaml : Jaime Rodriguez

How does the Canvas control deal with the Measure/Arrange process : Nikolay Raychev

Embedding fonts in Silverlight 2 : Tim Heuer

Using and embedding fonts in Silverlight 2 : Rob Houweling.

Silverlight cross domain policy file helpers: Tim Heuer

Silverlight Dynamic Languages in Visual Studio : Laurence Moroney

A deepzoom primer ( explained and coded).. : Jaime Rodriguez

A carousel control in Silverlight 2…: Jaime Rodriguez

Awesome panoramic view : Martijn Croezen

IsolatedStorage in Siverlight 2 Beta 1

Layout controls in Silverlight 2 Beta 1 (Links for Canvas, StackPanel and Grid) : Nikolay Raychev

Defining Columns for a Silverlight DataGrid : Scott Morrison

Using The Silverlight DataGrid : Scott Morrison

Silverlight 2 Map / DataGrid Demo (Part 1) : Jason Zander

Configuring IIS for Silverlight Applications : Walter Oliver

Configuring a Web Server to Host Silverlight Content : Tim Sneath

Note: All of graphics from this post are from original article. So, All credits go to the original creator of those images.

Yes. That’s all. All of those links are from my bookmark list. If you like to share your favorite link, please let me know.

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  1. hey guys, no one on earth can represent silverlight better than visifire an amazing chart controller powered by silverlight 2 beta 2 offered under open source just for free

  2. Hi Michael…

    Thanks for the post…

    Some of those have been updated to B2 though…

    Some folks that I know have posted updates are:

    David Anson (Delay)
    Corrina Barber
    Dan Wahlin

    I know Tim Heuer and Joe Stagner posted some updates, not sure if it was everything, or these things.

    Scott Morrison and Jaime Rodriguez have been pretty prolific lately as well, so may have updated their work you have listed.

    And there may be others I missed… those are just a quick list of the ones I recognize and remember.

    Great list of hits though :)


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