Silverlight 2 (beta2) Contest Extended – More Cash Prizes for Winners

As you know, I’m running a writing contest for Silverlight 2 developers on my blog recently. I got one more sponsor for that contest. Ivan Dragoev, Product Manager of SilverlightShow mailed that he is very interested in sponsoring this contest and he will be given away $300 (USD) for the winners! Cool, isn’t it?

I will be extending the contest for two more weeks so that you don’t miss those cool prizes. Just start writing the great article about Silverlight and you could be the winners!  (There are some changes in rules. Please read below for more information.)


First Prize

Second Prize

Random Prize

We will select three people randomly and will send free copy of ebook to those three persons.


How to Enter

  • Write a great article about Silverlight 2-beta2.
  • No matter where you are, you can participate in this contest
  • 25th of July 2008 is last date. (Please be sure to include a author bio with your submission.)
  • You can submit as many Silverlight 2 (beta2) related articles as you want
  • Your article should include screenshots( .jpg or gif) and code samples
  • You can send your article (in pdf or MS Word format) and demo (zip) to “mchlsync AT gmail DOT com”
  • Please encourage all people you know to participate in this contest. Because we need at least 3 participants for this contest. Otherwise, our contest will be failed.

Some tips on writing

  • Step-by-step tutorial with screen shots are preferable.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your article is very long or short but your article or tips should be useful or time-saving thing for other developers.

All of submitted articles will be published in this blog and I will announce the FIVE winners on 27th of July 2008 (Sunday).

That is all. Get writing and good luck!

19 Replies to “Silverlight 2 (beta2) Contest Extended – More Cash Prizes for Winners”

  1. Mike! Cool! more interesting! :) Quick question! How will you transfer the cash prize? paypal? cheque?

  2. Hi Chong,
    knowing the winners we will find the best way to pay the prize – PayPal and Cheques are also an option.

    Sincerely yours,
    Ivan Dragoev

  3. Hey dear, sorry about that.. but you can learn about Silverlight and enter the contest. :) very long time no see you on gtalk.. :) btw, you know Synchro302, right? He is one of my friends.. He knows me very well. :)

  4. Hi Michael,

    Great initiative with this competition, been following the articles and they’re all really good and informative. I’m scrambling like crazy at the moment to get my article finished and submitted. :)

    And that’s where I have question, the submissions are to be in before the 25th July, but then the winners are to be announced the 27th July(Friday). As far as I can tell the 27th isn’t a Friday.
    I’m assuming that the dates are correct and the day is wrong but I just wanted to check.


  5. Hi there,

    I got to know just know… :( Is there any chance to extend for one more week?


  6. Hi Ricky, You can submit your article today. Today is the last date. I’m sorry to say that I can’t extend the contest anymore. I will post a poll for voting tomorrow. Anyway, you can finish your article today and send it to me.

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